Win Battles in Clash Royales with these Tactics

If you want to become a successful Clash Royale player, you are in the right place. This article will provide you some tips and tricks to help you win.

First and foremost, you must be able to create a balanced mix among your units. It is not wise to send unites that are all weak and can be easily destroyed by your opponent. Instead, you should send a well balanced mix of your units. 

As a beginner, your opponent might do some strategies to put you under pressure to distract you from taking the right decision and move. But you should not let this overcome you. Always keep in mind that if you act hastily, you’ll have higher chances of losing the game. 

It is also important not to rush. It is not wise to throw all your units forward when there is only 1 minute left. Instead, you have to focus on the King’s tower and make sure it is well protected.

The value of balance in the game is very crucial. As such, you should not send out cheap units alone in the battle. It is also not smart to send just all your expensive units. Make sure to have a good balance of your deck so you can easily beat your opponent.

When getting units, you should also be very careful and picky. Ideally, you should take units that have defensive tactics, can quickly move and can withstand a lot of damage. But always keep in mind as well that having quality units will be put in vain if you don’t know how to balance everything.

Positioning is also very crucial in the game. Hence make sure to protect your ranged troops with strong combat units behind a bomber and before a giant. is all about having the right and best strategy. 

Don’t be complacent, always secure the victory. Once you destroyed the tower of your opponent, you already have an edge over your enemy. Hence, you must secure your victory. You should focus more ion tower destruction when on the defensive.

But if what happened is the opposite, let’s say your opponent destroyed your tower, the ideal thing to do is to dispatch your troops to an enemy turrent. You can also use fireball to destroy it.  Always keep in mind that your towers can defend very well against your enemy. Hence, your tower might get damage but it still withstand your opponents attack.

Using taunts in the game is also a good strategy. You can see a chat bubble at the bottom of your screen. One of the best ways to win is to get into the head of your opponent. Say good game and cry when you think you have an opening close to the end of the battle and say oops when you meant to do something. Being sport should always be considered as essential when playing any kinds of game. Most importantly, have fun!

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