What Rifle Scope Rings You Should Buy

Everybody who has ever taken a rifle in hands will know the intoxicating sense of power and security this elongated object made of wood and metal can exude. However, it is not very easy to shoot accurately, especially in turbulent weather or if the object you are aiming at, is moving. To overcome this obstacle, there are four kinds of aiming devices that you can use and buy from https://adventurefootstep.com/best-rifle-scope-manufacturers/, some of these scopes are iron sight, red dot sight, laser sight, and telescopic sight. The telescopic sight or rifle scope is a very popular and affordable optical sighting device, which provides a point of aim for the shooter.

After choosing a suitable scope, you will also need to buy a few accessories including good rifle scope rings, which are circular clamps with which you need to attach your scope on the base on your rifle. A ring should be a perfect fit for your scope and set high enough to clear the barrel so that you can get an unobstructed view through the scope. A ring that is not compatible with your scope will render even the best of scopes useless. Here are some things that you need to check before you buy your rings.


The inner diameter of the ring should match the outer diameter of your rifle scope. The sizes start from 19.05 mm and can go up to 34 mm. It is a good idea to purchase your scope and rings together or to take your scope along with you while you go to buy scope rings. Before finalizing on the rings, make sure that they fit your scope perfectly. It is of utmost importance to have your scope mounted on your rifle properly. A poor-fitting can ruin a scope permanently and can even be quite dangerous for the shooter.


The height of the rings will depend on various factors such as the comfort of the user, barrel contour, and scope length. An ideal height should enable the scope to clear the length of the rifle barrel and should be as comfortable for the shooter as possible. A heavy-barreled gun often needs very high rings, whereas a medium one will require a standard ring. Also, a 50mm scope should need a high ring and 42 to 45 mm scopes will do with standard ones.

Types of rings

There are various types of rings available in the market and you can choose one based on your specific need. Weaver style rings made of aluminum or steel are very common and inexpensive.

Quick detachable rings allow you to detach your scope very quickly in order to carry the rifle or clean it. Mounts are combinations of bases and rings. You can choose any one of these according to your budget or requirements.

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