What Not to Give This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Now is the time to start preparing that special day of love. Most people plan the perfect day and then blow it all out of the water with a very bad gift. Make this year the year you don’t screw up Valentine’s Day. I have compiled a list of what not to give on Valentine’s Day. These gifts are no-nos no matter how you look at them. Along with that, here is the link to the best gift baskets Toronto that you should always check out. 

Erectile Dysfunction Cream- Come on ladies Valentine’s Day is a day for love. Valentine’s Day is not a day to make your man feel insecure. Erectile Dysfunction Cream will definitely make him feel insecure. So unless you really want to hurt him don’t give this as a gift.

Vacuum Cleaners- Come on men you all know better. Valentine’s Day is not the day to tell her you to appreciate a clean house. Giving a vacuum cleaner does not say I love you. It only says I love a clean floor.

Lingerie (for her or him)- Lingerie is never for the recipient it is for you. Giving a gift to someone that is really for you is wrong. Lingerie is definitely a bad gift idea for Valentine’s Day. Now if you bought the lingerie yourself to wear for your partner that is OK. But never give lingerie that your partner is to wear for you.

Single Red Rose- This cliched gift only screams cheap. So avoid giving a single red rose. Your best bet is to find out what her favorite flower is and give that as a gift instead. That way you can show you really care and are not just cheap.

Wacky Ties- Ladies what are you thinking. You know he will hate it. He will only wear it because you bought it as a Valentine’s Day gift. So if you are doing this to humiliate him, then don’t do it. Those wacky-looking ties are never appreciated on any occasion.

Too Small Clothes- I will never understand this one. Are they really too lazy to find out what are size is? They buy these outfits that we can not squeeze ourselves into then want to see the outfit on us. Very insulting and bad gift idea. So guys if you really must buy her an outfit, then find out what her exact size is first.

I hope everyone was taking notes. This Valentine’s Day could be a success in the love department or a complete bust. So don’t do anything stupid that could ruin it this year. If you must reread it, take notes and steer clear of these very bad gifts

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