What Are Your Goals For Your Muscle Building Training

Like anything else in life and click to read more it’s a very good idea to have goals associated with your endeavors if you hope to achieve success, and your muscle building training is no exception. You can spend an enormous amount of time and energy on this, so it’s a great idea to have clearly defined goals and aims. An important question is, are you clear in your own mind just why you’re trying to build muscle? Is it to get as big as possible, to get as fit or as strong as you can, to achieve an optimum fitness level, or to attract women? Having a real purpose, and not simply doing this activity, will not only get you there quicker, but also more efficiently. Let’s start by looking at what we believe to be true when it comes to muscle building.

Whether they admit it or not, most guys are doing this type of activity to become more attractive to whoever it is they’re trying to attract. But here is where most miss the point. While extreme muscle building activities can lead to large muscles, that shouldn’t be the ultimate goal. Very few people are engaged in a top-level body-building competition, and the results of that kind of pursuit can be a combination of grotesque looking muscles, dangerous steroid use that is very unhealthy, and perhaps most of all, a physique that is entirely unattractive to the opposite sex.

If your goal is to become a more attractive, self-assured and socially influential person, then you need to look into developing what we like to call the Adonis Effect. This philosophy revolves around bringing out the best, most attractive body shape you can attain by getting your body as close as possible to its perfect shape of shoulder to waist proportions. This has been around for quite some time, and it’s evident by looking at classical works by Da Vinci and others, they all used these classical proportions as a model for the ideal human form.

So when it comes to goals for muscle building, you’ll want to make sure that first of all you’re being honest with yourself as to why you’re doing this, and then carefully consider how muscle building with an eye towards creating the best form hidden inside you can improve your social influence as it relates to your relationships, friendships and career. If muscle building becomes an end in itself, then at the end of the day, what remains? Focusing on how you can improve your life in these three main areas will bring you a much fuller quality of life than somehow achieving a 60″ chest.

Give this some thought. Decide who, ultimately, you’re trying to please, and give yourself the best chance at achieving a better, more attractive form. Then look into how you can best adapt your workouts to reflect this philosophy. This can and will result in a happier, more successful you

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