Use Of Carbohydrates In Bodybuilding

You would often find experts saying that “Carbohydrates are not evil”. However, according to me, carbohydrates are not evil until they are consumed in an appropriate amount. These days, people consume large amount of carbohydrates and a way too less protein. Eating fast foods will just provide you with carbohydrates and no proteins. Being honest, carbohydrates are nothing but sugar and almost seventy-five to eight percent of carbohydrate intake comes from high glucose sources. When it comes to body building supplements then there are so many of them to choose from. The varieties of the best testosterone booster can be purchased online at good discounts and with good feedback from the users.


I would not say that the intake of carbohydrates is dangerous or useless, but excessive intake of this nutrition will definitely kill the beta cells present in your body. It might also further create more complications by growing triglycerides, forcing the anabolic insulin to activate the lipo protein lipase and the ATP citrate lyase. In recent times, the Poly-cystic ovary disorder has become a major problem among women. This disease has become too common due to over reliance on carbohydrates in our day to day diet.

My confidence about the abuse of excess intake of carbohydrate confirmed when I tried an experience on one of my trainees. When this guy came to me, he was a two hundred pound huge person who was desperate of losing his weight. I assigned him a normal basic workout with a diet free of any bread products and fruits for the next eight weeks. You will definitely be amazed by the results, as this two hundred pound guy turned to a fat free 140 pound muscular hunk. You might think this a joke, but yes, it really works. Bread and fruits contain high amount of carbohydrates that make you obese. Skip them and you will definitely see the positive results.

No doubt carbohydrates are essential for muscle gain, but surely not much till they start reacting negatively. Before I made my research on carbohydrates, I used to consume around three to four times carbohydrates as protein during my off season diet. I always sensed that this intake would make me huge and strong until I realized my mistake. This intake definitely helped me in gaining huge muscle, but also made me embarrassingly fat. This made me study about the carbohydrates and manage the insulin content by choosing appropriate and the right quantum of carbohydrates. According to me, no matter how much your protein intake is, your body does not require more than 200 to 300 grams of carbohydrates to show positive effects.

One must efficiently plan their carbohydrate intake in their diet and follow it. One of the best options to plan your carbohydrate intake is a high glucose intake during breakfast and post workouts and considerably low glucose complex and fiberous carbohydrate during other meals.

One must also try to skip any intake of carbohydrates in their dinner. This really works great and one must try this just to get the appropriate amount of fat. Some of the below given tips regarding the carbohydrate intake will help you to minimize the fat storage.

Tips Regarding Carbohydrate Intake

  • Eat Complex Carbohydrates

The complex carbohydrates are the slow burning nutrients that help you in gaining energy that lasts for a long time. Some of the foods that contain complex carbohydrates include brown rice, oatmeal, whole grain cereals, and potatoes. These carbohydrates must form a major part of your daily calorie intake, as it provides your body with glycogen, which is considered to be a long lasting component essential while training hard. One of the major benefits of complex carbohydrates is that they help you in keeping your blood sugar levels constant, thus reducing the fat storage in the body. They also promote release of insulin which plays an important role in muscle development.

  • Intake of Carbohydrate after Training

Training hard will definitely make your blood sugar level reduce considerably. Intake of carbohydrates immediately after your training will help you in restoring the lost sugar levels and promote muscle development. The intake of carbohydrate right after workout also helps your body with an insulin supply that further puts your body into a muscle building state. You body is in a stern requirement of proper nutrients immediately after workouts. If you are unable to provide these nutrients, your body enters into a muscle breakdown state, which further affects the proper growth of your muscles. Thus, intake of carbohydrates after training is essential.

  • Frequent Intake of Carbohydrates

More often, intake of carbohydrates will help you in providing your body with a steady supply of insulin. However, one of the biggest mistakes made by bodybuilders is intake of large amount of carbohydrates in one go. Your body never needs so much carbohydrates and then often turns it into fat. Thus, one must consume appropriate amounts of carbohydrates that too with proper breaks. Intake of carbohydrates with proper planning will help your body in supporting the muscle building process.

  • Intake of High Fiber Carbohydrates

Intake of complex carbohydrates will help you in satisfying this point, as most of the complex carbohydrates are rich sources of fiber. However, some of the rich fiber and low carb foods include spinach, green beans, sugar snap peas, and sweet pepper. This foods will help you in keeping your carbohydrate intake low and increasing the fiber intake. The fibers help your body muscle tissues in absorbing the amino acids at a much faster rate, thus promoting the muscle building process.

  • Avoid Fruits

One of the biggest misconceptions seen amongst the bodybuilders is intake of fruits to lose fat. Fruits contain maximum amount of carbohydrates that in turn helps you in increasing your fat. Fruits contain a type of sugar called fructose that is converted into glycogen, which then becomes a major source in building blocks for fat tissue. Thus, one must avoid heavy intake of fruits in order to avoid fat generation and promote muscle building.

  • Carbohydrates Along With Proteins

Intake of carbohydrates along with proteins helps you in reducing the chances of carbohydrates turning into fats. Our body processes the protein supplements much slowly and helps in increasing metabolism. Whereas the carbohydrates with proteins help in transporting the nutrients to the muscle cells, thus helping in muscle growth. Hence, the best way to consume carbohydrates is through proteins.

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