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Building Momentum After the Recovery Week It’s important to approach the first week of training after a recovery week with the right frame of mind and set yourself up for success for the rest of the Max-OT training cycle. I like to view the first week of training as a new beginning and take advantage of this time in order to make the most out of the weeks and months ahead like on Testogen review.

My training goals during the first week back are to acclimate to training again and adjust to a new Max-OT routine with and a different arrangement of body parts. I scale back the intensity and select weights that allow me to complete 6 reps fairly easy on each set. Again, this is part of the acclimation process that takes place over the course of the week.

The first week is also a great time to clean house so to speak. I work to erase any bad training habits that may have crept in over the course of the last Max-OT cycle and use this week to make sure exercise execution is right on the money.

Physically, the first week has obvious importance. It makes sense that you don’t want to come in and attempt your personal best lifts after a recovery week. This week is also important for the role it plays in developing mental momentum as well.

Take this time to reconnect to your goals. Realize what you want to achieve and map out a plan as to just exactly how you are going to get there. Critically examine your performance over the last Max-OT training cycle. Note the aspects of your training that were good and very importantly, be honest about the aspects that need to be improved. You’d be surprised at what a few small changes could do for your overall progress.

At times we all get comfortable with the way we are doing things, even if it is not exactly the best way. The initial week of training is a great opportunity to start fresh and make sure all your ducks are in a row. Establish great training habits and make sure all the Max-OT principles are being executed to the best of your abilities.

An 8 to 10 week Max-OT training cycle is a great way to break down the year into segments. Strive to maintain maximum intensity throughout the cycle, improving day by day and week by week.

As I examine my last 9 weeks there is a lot I am pleased with. I made some of my biggest strength progressions in recent memory by consistently bettering my numbers each week, areas that had bothered me in the past no longer hurt, execution improved tremendously on back exercises, squats, stiff leg deadlifts and side lateral dumbbell raises and I feel like I am continuing to understand the Max-OT principles better all the time.

There were many positives but just as I tell you to do, I also have to examine the parts that need to be better. One of the biggest areas I want to improve on is maintaining better consistency with a great pre-workout mind set. I’d have to say for the majority of the workouts I had very good focus and intensity, especially early on in the training cycle. But the truth is most of the time just isn’t going to cut it. I need great focus and intensity all the time in order to make the changes I want to make for next year. I can’t afford to hit and miss. I need to keep hitting with my best physical and mental efforts day in and day out. That is a major goal for this Max-OT cycle.

Monday morning as Paul and I were discussing the workout, I admitted to him that I felt I could have made better use of my time throughout last year. I never failed to do anything I was supposed to do but as he and I talked about, there is a difference between training and moving the weights and training with all out focus and a desire to take everything to a higher level. I want to make sure that I am firing on all cylinders during this 8-week Max-OT cycle and that all begins this week with establishing great training habits and restating my goals.

I have my work cut out for me next year and every workout counts from now until show time and I can’t minimize the importance of each session. This week is like the quiet before the storm and I’ll use it to build physical and mental momentum and fan the fire into an inferno of intensity, desire and the drive to go beyond anything I have done up to this point.

Use your time wisely and remember that each workout leads to the next and great days turn into great Max-OT training cycles. Awesome results are a cumulative process and it all starts with an intelligent and focused approach during your first week back.

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