Three Reasons You Should Use Twitter

It’s 2019 and there are a few people; still, who don’t recognize the power of Twitter. In the world of social media, this tiny seven-letter tool can create big waves in both your personal and business life. What faster way is there to spread a message to so many people, organizations, and clubs around the globe, than your 140-character status update? Similarly, we no have TikTok that is getting really popular among the youth. Moreover, Buying TikTok Video Likes is fast and cheap for new users. With all this in mind, and if you’re still not convinced to use Twitter, here are three additional reasons.

  1. Twitter creates connections. Never before has there been a quicker or simpler way to establish authentic connections with like-minded individuals who are on the same page as you. Whether you enjoy cooking with lemons, swimming with dolphins, or own a business that specializes in making rubber paper clips, Twitter can put you in touch with people who are interested in what you do and vice-versa.
  2. Personally, since I’m dating, sex, and relationship blogger, Twitter has connected me with some amazing people interested in wanting a better way to date. And there’s no better dating blog than one created by a Gay, Adopted Mexican because I tell it like it is. They want to become aware of what to do to maximize their dating experience so they reach out to me and baby, I let them have it.
  3. But in the process, something else occurs; we end up becoming friends-even when we’re miles apart. My close circle includes South Africa, Croatia, Australia, France, Malaysia, Mexico, just to name a few. And on a daily basis, I’m either skyping, emailing, or calling these friends that I’ve made through Twitter and it’s an exciting experience; some of them I’ve known for over three years now.

Two years ago, I gave some very powerful advice to a young lady in Los Angeles. She was dating a man for three years who failed to introduce her to his friends or family, was never allowed to call him during the day, and they never went out-anytime they spent together was always at her place, never his. She contacted me after a blog post I titled, “Who’s Your Love Back-Up?” which opened her eyes. She discovered she was his love back-up and didn’t like the idea of hanging around only to be considered if his previous plans had failed.

I followed up that post with a video on YouTube about love back-ups that really drove the point home and dedicated it to her. What was the result? She left him. It wasn’t easy, but she wanted to move forward and he was a no-good lying anchor weighing her fabulous self down. So we stayed in touch to make sure she was doing alright and six months later, it was Christmas and her star was shining bright, baby! She was using her spare time-which she had a lot of now–to start her own business; hand-made knitted-scarves. And guess who got the first scarf? I came home one day to find a little package from FedEx from LA.

And if you go to my YouTube channel, her comments are always present on my videos updating me on what’s going on with her life. Without Twitter, I’d never have the circle of friends I do now, and that’s exciting, but it’s waiting to happen to you too!

  1. Twitter can educate. When I have a question and I need real answers, I turn to Twitter-no matter what the subject matter is. Who knows about social media plans? Anyone out there had eyelash extensions? Where’s the best place for sushi in New York City? No matter what my tweet entails, I can always count on my followers to tweet out a response within seconds, but receiving those types of quick responses was hard work, and it didn’t happen overnight. Just because you sign up for Twitter doesn’t automatically get you a loyal following–you have to nourish and cultivate one.

These are real people with real lives and real feelings, so you treat them as such. It’s a two-way street; you get out what you put into it. You can surely go to other places online or even a newspaper to find out the current “happenings” in your city, but no other place like Twitter will have your friends tweeting your pictures through Twitpic with the fun things they’re doing. If you want to know the answer to the age-old question, so bulldogs like water? Then click on Boris. But Twitter isn’t just for fun.

When the Haiti earthquake struck, Twitter was one of the only means of communicating during the disaster. How powerful is it to see Anderson Cooper tweeting about the earthquake to keep everyone informed on what was going on?

  1. Twitter creates Opportunities. No matter what the reason for turning to social media, it created an opportunity. There’s was a guy tweeting out the hilarious yet abrasive things his father said and that landed him his own show on CBS this fall. My friend Liz, her husband, and their 1-year old daughter decided to leave the United States and go live in Croatia for two years. After a few months, Liz got bored. She didn’t know the language very well and despite living on the beach, getting tanned and collecting seashells wasn’t curing her frustration. I advised her to start a blog. She wrote and she wrote and she wrote her little heart out, but nothing happened.

Then one day, during one of our Skype sessions, she asked, “How do you get so many, blog readers?” And my simple answer was, “Twitter.” Whenever I have a new blog post, I tweet it out at least three times a day (in order to catch people in various time zones). By the following week, Liz created a Twitter account and had her first comment. It’s been over a year now and Liz’s blog is a hot mommy blog with tales of living overseas along with fabulous recipes made with fresh fruit she picks herself, and her comments section–it’s better than mine!

And as for me, how have Twitter created opportunities? A literal agent who was tweeting away found herself onto my Twitter stream and which intrigued her and prompted her to start reading my blog. After reading it for a few months–with me totally unaware–she reached out to and signed me on to her literary agency and now I’m working on my first book. And I also just had a meeting with producers for a reality show, which they considered after they saw my tweets for a YouTube video on mouth-to-penis therapy that I did. All I can say is, “tweet, tweet, tweet” in good health.

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