This Naruto Minecraft Mod is Massive! – Know about the mod

Much like the anime that inspired it, this mod is brimming with fantastic armor and abilities. Honestly, there might be too much to cover in one go, and that is an awesome thing. Plus, I’m not here to spoil everything for you, just to get you started on the path to fun. So, on that note, let me introduce you to mathioks’s Naruto-Anime Mod. The minecraft alts shop will offer fun and entertainment to the people. The abilities of the games are improving to get the desired results. The beginning is with intelligence of the gamers is enhancing with the correct mod. The understanding Is important for the gamers.

Where to begin, where to begin… Ah, I suppose I could start with a list of features. Yeah, I’ll do that – here’s a preview of what this massive mod includes:

• Fire – gives you the ability to shoot fireballs, infernos, and walls of flame

• Wind – grants you prowess with various blades and slashes

• Lightning – gain the Chidori, fast-attacking-combos, and the power of thunder

• Earth – hurl stalactites, bury your foes in sand, and conjure walls of rock

• Water – sweep your enemies away with storms and floods

• Wood – summon walls of wood or entire groves of trees

• Steel – coat yourself in steel for protection, or clock someone with an iron fist

• Insect, Shadow, and more are coming!

Jinchuriki Modes, Sage Modes, and more transformations are available

Shikotsumyaku gives you the strengths of Kimimaro, and lets you summon walls, flowers, and blades of bone

Kurama allows you to summon illusory bats, wolves, and even eclipses

Sharingan, Rinnegan, and other ocular powers give you buffs and extraordinary abilities

• Again, more content from the show is being converted to Minecraft for your enjoyment!

• Dress up as an Anbu agent, a member of Akatsuki, the Sage of the Six Paths – awesome gear from the show finds its way into Minecraft

• ~60 characters that you can enlist to your cause roam the world

• When found, giving a recruitable character a specific item will bring them to your crew

• These mobs will follow you and fight for you

• You can also use summoning scrolls to conjure an animal to assist you

• Big antagonists from the game (Zabuza, the Akatsuki) will spawn randomly in your world

• They are rare and tough to beat, but can drop awesome loot (ex. Zabuza can drop his sword)

• Over twenty alcoholic beverages added to the game

• Replenish hunger when consumed, and each has a chance to make you nauseous

Okay, so that’s a lot of stuff, right? And I’m not even giving it all away, I promise. No matter if you enjoy the anime (though it undoubtedly makes it better if you’re into the lore), this mod adds a ton of content to the vanilla Minecraft game and is definitely worth at least a try. Leaping from tree to tree, launching spears of bedrock and smashing things with arms of water, is a truly enjoyable experience, whether you like the show or not.

The Naruto Anime Mod requires Minecraft 1.7.10 to run, and will start working on new save games. The skills are controlled via the numpad.

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