The Various Methods of Cosmetic Dentistry

We are fortunate enough to live in a world where dentistry is a respected and regulated form of medicine. The amazing strides that have catapulted the dentistry profession over the past few decades and the origin of Bensalem Bucks Dental have now made it possible for practically everyone to achieve the smile of their dreams. 

It wasn’t so long ago that a million-dollar smile was only granted to the rich and famous. Many extended health plans cover the following cosmetic dentistry procedures. If your plan does not cover the work, speak to your dental office about the variety of payment plans available.

Porcelain veneers are used to cover up damaged, uneven, broken or chipped teeth. Also called dental veneers, this method is also used to improve the appearance of dramatically discolored teeth. The main goal with veneers is to provide the patient with that perfect, Hollywood smile.

Veneers or dental porcelain laminates are customs made thin pieces that are bonded to the front of your existing teeth. They can alter the length, shape, color, and size of your teeth to create an even and beautiful smile.

This tooth whitening technology will save you time and remove years off of your smile. It is amazing how that daily cup of coffee or tea or regular red wine can stain your smile. This in-office procedure will transform your grin within one appointment. A special gel is painted onto your teeth and then activated with a hand-held device. The entire process is repeated 3 times and voila… You will be flashing your pearly whites as soon as your appointment is finished.

If you suffer from any kind of sensitivity issues, it is important to mention this to your dentist ahead of time. Depending on the severity and cause of your sensitivity, this whitening process may not be suitable.

Silver-colored fillings are hardly used anymore. Tooth-colored fillings get the job done inconspicuously and effectively. It doesn’t matter where you require your cavity repair; once the dentist is finished, no one will ever be able to tell where your filling is!

Straight teeth are sought after by people of all ages. Braces are no longer designated for adolescents. Many adult patients are joining the straight teeth revolution. Correctly aligned teeth are easier to maintain and thus are subject to less damage and decay. Book your free consultation and see if wearing removable trays is a better option than traditional braces. You can eat all your favorite foods and not have to concern yourself with broken wires and cuts inside your mouth.

Porcelain crowns are often used in conjunction with a dental implant, to fill in a gap or other cosmetic modification, to hold a dental bridge, or to fix severely worn or broken teeth. Porcelain crowns can also reinforce a weak tooth and are used at times to fix a cracked tooth. Porcelain is extremely strong so it is perfect for this usage. Plus, the color can be matched to any tooth shade to make the crown indistinguishable from your natural teeth.

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