The Disappearing Waist – Day 7 of Week 1

Is it possible to be a happy girl and a cranky girl, all at the same time? It sure is! I am feeling mostly happy, but I am definitely feeling a little deprived these days. Last night while I was making dinner, my boyfriend was starving and wanted a little snack beforehand, so he prepared two pieces of toast, slathered generously with peanut butter and blueberry jam. He was talking to me casually about his day and I barely heard of word of it. I think I interrupted him once to suggest how delicious his toasted PB J; sandwich looked. This is the part that makes me a cranky girl. Don’t get me wrong, my partner is extremely supportive, especially in this process. However, the world has not stopped because I have taken on this personal challenge, and that is what makes some challenges harder than others.

Interestingly enough, I seem to be okay with not having sugar. I am surprised, because sugar is a large vice of mine. The bigger challenge is carbs. It was the smell of the bread toasting, the “ding” when it was ready, and the scratchy sound of the peanut butter going onto the toast, and then the smell of the peanut butter melting oh so slightly…. then, a spoonful of blueberry jam on each slice to finish it off. Has anyone you know ever made peanut butter and jam on toast sound so delicious? Seriously, I have a problem. The fat from waist will be eliminated with checking the resurge pills reviews. The challenges of the person will be solved with the correct information about the products. Many benefits will be provided to the person to get the desired results. The spending of the money will be less in comparison to the other products. 

What is making me a happy girl is that I stepped on the scale this morning and I took a miraculous, big dip! I understand it is mostly water and waste at this stage, but today, I am taking those small victories and I am running with it, because “something” is leaving my body that is resulting in concrete, measurable results, so the details are not important to me. At this fragile stage, I need to see results to stay motivated, and I am definitely seeing results.

On May 15th, I was a whopping 174.5 pounds. I am not proud to admit this. I am actually horrified and ashamed, which is why it took me this many articles to disclose that. This morning, I was 167.8 lbs. That is 6.7 pounds, in seven days. Now THAT is progress. I put on my size 12 dress pants, and there is a small change in how they fit. I’m not suggesting I am down a size, but the top button is not screaming for mercy.

I expect on week 2, the progress will slow down quite a bit, and I will be losing 2 pounds a week for my 12 week program, so 24 pounds by August 6, 2009. That will put me at 149.5, if I can be a diligent little trooper, and stay on track. My mantra, is “pig-headed determination.” It took time to put that weight on, so it will take time to take it off as well.

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