The Best Way To Get A Six Pack? – Gain Muscle And Lose Weight

Today I’d like to discuss the best way to get a six pack.

The legendary Jack LaLanne and equally renowned Vince Gironda were fitness trainers and bodybuilders during the same generation. The two of them are comparable in height, weight and both of them were extremely narrow-waisted. Both of them were extremely admired by their students.

The difference between the two is that jack LaLanne was more of a general fitness Guru. Vince on the other hand was more of a bodybuilder. He was widely known for his posing routines and extremely ripped abs. But they both knew the best way to get a six pack.

Jack promoted high repetition exercises. He even once performed 10,000 sit-ups on the fifties TV display, “You Asked For It.”He also completed 1,033 push-ups on another episode of the same program.Jack was very fit and practiced what he preached on his daily Los Angeles television show.

Vince’s great abs and cut-up muscles had a simple secret. Diet and very hard physical exercise.The exact same formula used by Jack LaLanne for his extreme fitness. Why is it that LaLanne’s abs, even when he can do 10,000 sit ups, is nowhere near the abs that Vince had even though he does not use abs specialized exercises?

Not all people are fortunately gifted with genetics that are akin to a defined musculature. However, all of us can still find the best way to get a six pack that works for us. It all depends on our efforts in getting it.

First things first. Take a look at your diet plan. Take away the fat. In order for those abdominal muscles to be visible under that excess skin and belly fat, you’ll have to get rid of that fat on top of it.

It doesn’t matter what all healthy food you have on your diet part but whether you are strictly and diligently following it each day is what counts because people are generally lazy as they think that having it once in a while and later indulging on their choicest delicacies would do the trick coz it does not work that way. Also, yoga classes too should be on the card and yoga burn reviews are something that would be of great help in such matters every morning before hitting the gym.

Otherwise, your nice abs won’t be showing because of that tub of lard sitting on your waistline.

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A bodybuilding diet plan might help here:

You should avoid those complex carbs until all the fat is gone as the best way to get a six pack from a dietary perspective. A properly balanced diet plan is what you need if you want to get started.

Vince used a concentrated diet plan meant for bodybuilders. It consisted of four days without carbs and 1 free day and this should be kept for 6 weeks.

We know that zero carbs is nearly impossible to achieve and what’s much more, it is unhealthy.

Use protein and amino acid supplements along with your diet plan to help build more muscle.

These dietary supplements will super-charge your metabolism and encourage your entire physique to burn more fat.Drink a lot of water and abstain from caffeine and alcohol.

Some fitness trainers say that ab routines aren’t necessary while others will invest a great deal of time in ab-specific routines. To some degree, both of them are correct.

The best way to get a six pack is to follow a proper bodybuilding diet plan and a good total body workout, and that will certainly get the job done.Some abdominal function is necessary so their improvement is visible when your diet removes that fat layer that lies under everyone’s skin.

Swiss Ball workouts for the core exercises are the best way to get a six pack and develop your abdominal muscles.

Assume supine position and keep your knees at a 90 degree angle with your feet flat on the ground.Fold your arms across your chest.

Exhale as you raise your head, shoulders and chest off the floor, while pressing the little of your back against the mat.

You will need to concentrate on the tensing of your abdominal muscles as you slowly rise from the mat. Pause for a few seconds and at the same time tense your abs as hard as you can for a couple of seconds.

Repeat this procedure until you experience fatigue in your abs. You’re only expected to move a couple of inches. Don’t overdo it.

Lie on your back with your legs partially bent. Put your hands behind your head. Careful not to pull your head during the exercise. Touch your left knee with your right elbow.

Do the same process again with the other elbow and knee. Repeat this until you get tired.

Other Workouts which will contribute to your six-pack.

That’s correct. Squats can also develop your core and ab muscles as you maintain your balance as you lower and raise your body.Keep tension on your abs while squatting and you will be getting a midsection workout as nicely as pumping your legs.

With palms forward, grab the chinning bar at about shoulder’s width. While keeping your arms straight, try to elevate your body into horizontal position.

Keep this position for two seconds.Lower yourself slowly to the beginning position.Repeat until the muscles are exhausted.

Sit around the Swiss Ball with your legs bent naturally. Lift your upper body, curling in a crunch motion, while keeping your hands behind your head.Return towards the starting position and repeat.

Your buttocks will roll ahead and back throughout this motion, increasing the effectiveness of the exercise.

Any type of cardio will contribute to your overall fitness and burn fat. Vary different parameters of cardio machines such as resistance, speed and angle of elevation to maximize effectiveness of the program.

When running or walking at a brisk pace, include bursts of speeds followed by a slowdown, then another burst of speed. Change your speed and time spent with each speed to achieve the best results.

Throughout your regular workouts, both with weights and floor workouts, keep your abdominals tight.

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