The Best Mattresses For Seniors

Whether you’re shopping for your parents or for yourself, there are important things to consider when buying a mattress for someone over 65 years old. With so many types of beds available, which mattress one is best for older people?

According to an article published by, seniors need a mattress that supports their joints and has excellent support. Bones tend to be more brittle and muscles are thinner, so you don’t want to buy a mattress that will sag in the middle or be too stiff, causing more aches and pains. Also, don’t buy a cheap mattress. Buy a bed that is durable and made of good quality.

Two types of mattresses that have become popular with senior citizens are Tempurfoam and gel memory foam. Manufacturers such as Tempurpedic and iComfort specialize in memory foam mattresses and provide various levels of firmness by layering densities of the foam.

Why Memory Foam?

Mattresses with memory foam conform to your body, so it feels firm when you lie down but then molds itself to the curves of your spine. It does take a bit getting used to however so if you’re trying memory foam for the first time, give it at least a couple of months so you can get used to it. It’s also a great mattress for side sleepers, since it lets your shoulder sink in a bit and rest comfortably.

What about Natural Latex?

For something a little more firm than memory foam, Natural latex foam mattresses have more spring than memory foam and recover their shape instantly you change your body position. Natural latex foam is quite soft, however, so make sure whoever is using the mattress tries it out first.

Don’t forget about Pillow Top Mattresses

Pillow tops are also a great alternative, especially if you prefer innerspring mattresses, which use coil support and offer more support than memory foam. This combined with a pillow top could be just the softness and support a senior needs. If you’re overweight, however, aim for something firmer since these mattresses will compress over time for someone who is a bit on the heavier side.

Adjustable bases for seniors

An adjustable base is a wonderful asset to any mattress, but it is especially important for seniors who have back pain or any other aching joints that make it difficult to get in and out of bed. With an adjustable base, you can adjust the bed frame to help with blood pressure and offer more back support

People are much more comfortable with an adjustable base as aged folks can adjust it according to their size because they suffer from back issues that would in turn lead to joint and muscle pain, which is why it has become so popular in various online stores and mattress cleaning Singapore has an excellent discount offer for its citizens as well.

Senior Discount at Mattress Mart

At Mattress Mart, you are welcome to stop by and try out our mattresses to see which one fits best. It is recommended that you try it out a mattress for 15 minutes to truly get a feel for your next new bed. We also offer a 10% senior discount for anyone 65 or older, and we offer delivery and set up for a super convenient purchase.

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