T-Shirt Design- Novelty Factor for a Better Outlook

When you realize that you want to do something worthwhile in life and make a name for yourself that would make your parents and well wishers proud, it means that you are on the threshold of maturity and once you achieve your goals, then the stamp of maturity is sealed.

The younger generation of today is a mixed bag where half of them are quite aware of their surroundings and have decided to take life seriously from a young age, the other half are still childish and immature in their behavior and casually wile away their time and leave everything to fate to put their life on track.

For now let’s concentrate on the mature lot that want to move up the social ladder to reach the top as they are worth mentioning as an example for future generations to follow as they always thing out of the box that does not confine to the rules and regulations of the society.

Designer Wear

Everyone is fond of t-shirts and not only youngsters the older generation too has taken up fashion at this age to adhere to the modern era of the 21st century while young folks anyhow are into it.

T-shirt design is also a popular pastime that one can use as great career prospect that can bolster the credentials of anyone that is associated with it because t-shirt printing is something that has always been ridiculed and looked down upon as nothing more than a job for wastrels.

It is important to clear certain misconceptions surrounding t-shirt printing so that people get to know the real side of it and make up their mind so as to take it up as a profession which is indeed a lucrative offer if you have adequate knowledge about it.

T-shirt printing has a long history to its name that goes back to the ancient times when people didn’t have much to cover up their body except for leaves and cotton, a scenario that is unimaginable in current times.

While some people won’t agree, t-shirts are seen as a much better option for wearing than full shirts not only because of their mass appeal but because they make you look modern and happening without the need for showing arrogance.

They are a true designer wear material that need to be made in full sleeves as well because they don’t seem to have reached anywhere near that level of popularity given the fact that full sleeve designer shirts are not worn for official business trips or in the office.

Textile Printing

T-Shirt printing can be considered a modern day version of screen printing where new designs are created that has been practiced since the times of yore when ink was transferred through a mesh on to a substrate which by the way is a practice that is still relevant in rural areas as the old time professionals continue to use this technique.

However, since t-shirts are made up of cloth, the more correct way to call it would be textile printing where colored fabrics of different designs are used for making a brand new outlook to the shirt in question.

Textile printing has to be practiced through a set of norms that have a specific set of patterns that can be used for making the t-shirt look attractive that should target a specific audience even though it is mostly the younger generation that is fond of designer wear.

Best Designs

Some important t-shirt designs that one should have are as follows:

  1. Create your own concept without copying from any of the prevalent designs out there so that your t-shirt would look original and unique without taking anything away from other designs
  2. An express t-shirt printing policy states that you should have the image of your design ready in your head before putting it out on a piece of paper so that it can be put up for various opinions from others
  3. There is a lot of stress and depression among people today so come up with a humorous design that would lift the mood of buyers and they are encouraged to buy more of your designs, which is an excellent way for marketing it far and wide but also make sure that the humor is subtle and without offending anyone
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