Sewing Machine Review: Bernina 1090

The Bernina 1090 sewing machine is not a new model. It was manufactured many years ago. Now you cannot find new versions of this model. However, there are others selling this and you may purchase it from them. You really cannot find new products these days.

This machine is one of the few that were available in the market probably 17 years ago. This was one of the first computerized sewing machines and it was sold expensively long ago. Just like the other computerized sewing machine, the Bernina 1090 has built-in controls for accurate and faster sewing. Everyone loved this model since it can make their work easier and lighter.

The Bernina 1090 comes along with a free arm so that you can work with the sleeves or the legs of the pants easily. This gives you much space that you needed.

You may also find adjustable functions on the machine. You may be able to directly adjust the length and width of stitches. You are also given a precise function to adjust the pressure on the presser foot and the positioning of your needles.

There are some advantages that the Bernina 1090 holds.

First, it is a truly versatile sewing machine. The Bernina 1090 is just a simple but it has a lot to offer. It can be used for different kinds of materials which are not usually done with the other machines. Many machines are created only for one use but with Bernina 1090, you can use it for different types of sewing you want. The working through the machine will be easy when a person has registered at site. The link will direct the person to take the advantage to knowing about different capabilities of the model. The meeting of the desired results will be easy and efficient for the person. 

It can be used for sewing, embroidery and quilting. You do not need to worry about changing from one task to another since it is already programmed in the machine. You just need to press some buttons.

Second, it is made of strong and durable materials. The Bernina 1090 sewing machine is truly something you want to keep and not include it in your garage sale. You surely do not want to sell away this precious item you have. Many would love to purchase this machine since its parts are really not easily broken. It just proves that you bought a really worthy item.

Third, the needle position setting (up or down) is perfect. You may encounter problems with your needle positioning. If you are using older sewing machines, you surely have experienced difficulty in controlling your needle’s movement. Although you already placed it in the up position, the needle would go down. You need to adjust manually the needle before you can continue your work. What is good about the Bernina 1090 is that you can set the needle in whatever position you wish. You can choose whether up or down.

Fourth, the presser foot allows you to adjust pressure easily. This feature lets you decide how you do with your work. Different kinds of pressure are needed to different sewing work. It is up to you how you handle and adjust the pressure that you will need to finish your work easily.

Despite its advantages, the Bernina 1090 also has disadvantages.

First, the throat is small. Many people really find it difficult working with small throat. This is one feature that most sewers want sewing machines to change in the future. Others may even purchase new machine that has longer throat.

Second, looking for second-hand Bernina 1090 is difficult. Many are still looking for anyone selling this model. However, they end up disappointed because it cannot be found in the markets anymore. Those who have bought the machine do not want to sell it away because they have really wanted to keep the Bernina 1090.

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