Revolution Portable Vaporizer Review

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The Revolution is a new cordless portable Essential Oil Vaporizer manufactured by Thermo Essence Technologies; the same producer of the ThermoVape, in the United States that uses convection based heating technology and has a quick heat up time of only 5-10 seconds. If you wish to find more info then do dive deeper in to the article to know everything in detail. You will also find the information related to the best way that can be used for purchasing such products.

At only 6.5 inches in length, in addition to weighing in at 3.5 ounces, the Revolution is both compact and light weight.

The Revolutions patented heating core system employs an untainted heating coil which is insulated by a high grade ceramic cover. This insightful technology provides a clean heat source that ranges over 400 Degrees Fahrenheit and does not alter the flavor of the Essential Oil.

As far as durability, the outer shell is basically crafted out of the same material that NASA uses in their Space Shuttles. I was a little leery about this claim so I watched the Destructive tests conducted by the manufacturer on YouTube which left me convinced that this is a very durable Vaporizer.

Two rechargeable lithium iron phosphate batteries power the Revolution, providing up to 30 minutes of continuous use. The entire kit includes 2 sets of batteries, equivalent to 60 minutes of battery life. Each set of batteries will reach a full charge in less than 1 hour.

Revolution Portable Vaporizer Ease of Use

During the testing process, I was able to follow the included instructions and Vaporize right out of the box in a matter of seconds with a simple three step process.

First, I twisted the stem of the Revolution in a clockwise motion to open up the filling port and inserted my Essential Oil.

Next, I simply twisted the Revolution stem in a clockwise motion again to close the filling port and begin the Vaporization process.

I activated the Heat by sliding my thumb upwards on the Revolution Switch for a period of 5-10 Seconds. After taking 3-4 slow breaths, I was able to achieve around 40 quality Vapor draws per fill.

Due to the fail-safe design feature, I remembered to hold the switch in the ON position while drawing from the unit to maintain the optimal heating level.

Revolution Portable Vaporizer Time to Heat Up

The Revolution Portable Vaporizer has an average heat up time of only 5-10 seconds, making the Vaporization process nearly instantaneous. This is a major advantage because this unit allowed me to Vaporize on demand.

A unique Fail Safe Power Switch ensures that the Revolution will not be activated in your pocket or purse. The heating element is only activated when sliding the ignition switch upwards.

Revolution Portable Vaporizer Efficiency/Effectiveness

The Revolution consistently produced a quality vapor throughout the testing phase. I started off by taking deep slow breaths which resulted in a thick visible vapor. Next, I changed my breathing pattern by taking rapid breaths that resulted in a semi-transparent vapor which provided more flavor.

A major advantage of the Revolution has to do with the ability for me to use the unit periodically and still get excellent Vapor flavor when I turned it back on. I think this is a key feature for patrons who only want to Vaporize for a short period of time without having to refill your blend.

Compared to other Essential Oil Vaporizers on the market, the Revolution is the only unit that you can easily place your own Oils into the Filling Chamber. This is a much more effective method than using a cartridge application method.

Revolution Portable Vaporizer Warranty

The Revolution outer components are backed by a Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects. Both the heater core and rechargeable batteries are equipped with a 3-month Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Also, the manufacturer states that the batteries and heater core are a consumable and need to be replaced eventually.

Revolution Portable Vaporizer Overall Satisfaction

I would highly recommend the Revolution to both novice and expert patrons that are searching for a superior convection based Essential Oil portable Vaporizer to fit their lifestyle.

The quick heat up time, quality heating element, durable outer shell, and the universal application method are key features that make the Revolution worth the $150 Price Tag. Due to the precision engineering and American Craftsmanship, the Revolution outperforms all of the other Essential Oil units on the market.

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