Relational Concern- Breaking Point

Marriage is a sacred institution that has to be preserved forever. This is what the experts say and it is true to a large extent because it is a beautiful bond that makes you feel important in a big way.

There can be no better example of male-female unity than matrimony where not only two bodies but two souls enter wedded bliss. However, such concepts are slowly going out of fashion as times have changed.

The gen X does not believe in such fairy tales or so they say as love for them is strictly physical desire and one night stands with multiple partners. It should be noted that this goes for both men and women.

Today, live-in relationships abound as everyone wants a partner that is strong in bed and only then will they give their consent for marriage, which is much more prevalent in the western world and has been so for long. The worrying thing is that it has seeped into the eastern world as well.

Relationship Study

While it is true that there have been successful marriages in the past but sadly the numbers are dwindling in current times as divorce cases have skyrocketed and today’s marriages barely last a few years while some fizzle out in mere months.

As far as satisfying sexual desire is concerned, it is an easy task for both male and female genders where the former need to look up a Proextender review online while the latter need a few sex toys to get aroused.

But marital bonds are much more than that because it concerns spending your entire life with your spouse and if neither of you are able to reach an amicable conclusion then it is better to breakup.

The breakup concept, while not something to boast about, becomes necessary if the marriage has reached a dead end and both are happy about it especially if the relationship is an abusive one.

Certain folks wonder on whether breakup advice works for salvaging declining marital relations and while sometimes it does work wonders, more often than not ego issues are so high that both sides give their wholehearted consent for separation.

Therefore, if you are trapped in a marriage that is going nowhere then there are some important ways that it can be worked out because many young folks opine that breakup or divorce is the easy way out and parting amicably is a good way to end suffering and pain that the relationship is bringing.

Advisory Points

  1. The first step to save your relationship is to communicate with your significant other in a polite manner because kindness and humility in your behavior as it means that you are not letting your ego get the better of you and genuinely want to save the relationship from ruin. Admit that you are wrong and your partner will do the same because no one is 100% perfect
  2. Don’t bottle up your thoughts and let them out in the form of words as communication is essential between both. At the same time, you also have to patiently listen to what your partner says so that you can accept everything, which is the first step to understanding and which in turns leads to recovery


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