Red Green Blue- New LEDs for Modern Era Lighting

This world is quite a unique place to live in because it is the only one as of now that has life on it alongwith the resources to manage everything to ensure that all living beings can coexist amongst each other with harmony and coordination.

Here we are talking about planet earth although there have been several space missions conducted in the past few years by different countries on Mars that have high hopes of finding the existence of life there as well which is good news given the overflowing population of earth.

How would you feel if the world did not have any colors and everything was black and white? Quite naturally, everything would seem boring and dull with no zest and joy that only colors of different hues can bring.

Multicolored Theory

Let us look at it from a different perspective with a dash of science added to the mixture and even though most people would find it boring, it would still make everything clear if you delve into the details.

Among the various colors, the most popular ones are Red, Green and Blue because they are the most important colors that can be deciphered in the rainbow, not that other colors are lesser by any means because all of them together make up VIBGYOR, color combo through which a rainbow is identified.

Coming back to the first three colors mentioned above, we would classify them through the acronym RGB and it has been defined as a color model which when added together make up a new array of colors of a whole new spectrum.

It is most used by scientists as it is an important part of quantum physics for studying the nature of light that has become a worldwide phenomenon due to its inexplicable ambience for providing a new dimension to its nature.

RGB Lighting is a multicolored theory where these three colors come together to form a unique combination of light that has various hues that goes up to 20 million which is a humungous number but then it isn’t surprising considering the fact that light travels at a faster speed than sound.

How it Works

Once you get to understand the basics of RGB Lights, you would get to understand the details in a better manner because this isn’t rocket science but just requires the use of an alert mind with focus and everything would seem as easy as pie.

LED lights are perfect for studying RGB technique because you if you want to produce different set of lights you need to keep its intensity factor in find like for blue light the intensity is higher while for red and green it is lower which you can learn more through RGB Lighting kit for PC Guide.

If you combine all color combos together, they will produce multiple ones with different intensities and all you have to do is to adjust the LED with the use of PWM signal and since all LEDs are in close proximity of each other, the human eyes can see them in combined form rather than individually.

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