Photoshop- New Trending Norm for Younger Generation

What is it between younger generation folks and good looks that make these two trending topics all the time on social media and so much so that there are never ending and notorious debates regarding how they play an active role in westernized culture getting more prominence.

There’s no denying the fact that the youth brigade are obsessed with looking handsome and attractive for the sole purpose of attracting the opposite sex and what’s surprising is that girls are higher in number than boys, which is quite astonishing in the progression females have made in the past decade.

In the times of yore, there were no issues with looks as there was natural therapy involved like natural oil and herbs, gooseberries and orange pulp for washing hair alongside pure and clean water.


Well now times have changed where you have artificial color and chemicals added into the contents to make up a strange mixture that does more harm than good to your looks and even once handsome folks start losing their regal bearings in a big way and let themselves go rather soon.

Fortunately, what can be considered a small respite for people that are not exactly handsome is the social media revolution where smartphones rule the roost and photo images have become an obsession for one and all.

People are obsessed with taking pictures and selfies from time to time due to which the photoshop application had to be launched so that one can alter their images in a suitable manner at will and this revolutionary step has provided an opportunity for not so good looking people to take it up.

Photoshop is basically image manipulation where you alter and edit your clicked pictures and remove the undesirable lines, dark circles and other things that doesn’t go well with your face.

Manipulating a clicked photograph isn’t that easy but it is no rocket science either if you look at it from an expert’s viewpoint, which is why young folks take to it and learn with the quick process of a baby learning to walk and talk or a small child learning to ride a bicycle or swimming.

Given the immense popularity of Photoshop among the youth, let’s look at some important steps to achieve proficiency in this field.


  • Always be on the know about the latest versions of Photoshop to have come out in the market like Photoshop Mac free that has some interesting features that are upgraded compared to the previous one
  • Never try Photoshop with expectations of achieving perfection in a short time but commit mistakes so that it would help you in learning from them and thereby prevent you from repeating it, which is an important piece of advice for beginners
  • Take up online classes for learning the Photoshop art and regularly watch YouTube videos in your free time as homework so that you can hone and cultivate your skills through practice
  • Start reading Photoshop magazines and books through online purchase to understand the basics and also attend press conferences where experts would tell you everything you need to know
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