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Easy Red Firecrackers for Chinese New Year Crafts

Easy red firecracker crafts to enhance the Chinese New Year celebration are fun and quickly made. It is best if the projects are supervised by parents or teachers, however, follow this site to learn how to make Chinese red firecrackers to celebrate the Chinese New Year. It is believed that fireworks drive away from evil spirits.

This site gives much information to help teachers and parents teach kids about the Chinese New Year. There are books and pages that can be printed off to learn numbers symbols etc. Also included are how to craft firework displays.

Children of all nationalities and cultures easily blend and have fun together.

If you are of Chinese descent, but no longer live in China, help keep your culture alive by taking time to teach young children these simple crafts. Then move along and explain the calendar, symbols, and traditions that have been a tradition in their families forever. Encourage the curiosity of children – let them ask questions and if you don’t know the answers be honest. Work with them and find resources that will help you.

Even if you know nothing of the Chinese culture, starting with children’s activities is a fun and easy way to learn. The simplicity of the projects makes them enjoyable for all and gives you sharing time to discuss any questions they may have. They may wonder about the Chinese alphabet and numbers or why their language sounds so different from what they speak.

A Chinese New Year lesson could work well in the classroom. All forms of learning could be involved – including map reading. The second site includes many different activities that could easily be incorporated within the lesson plan.

The Chinese New Year does not fall on the same date every year. Teach children why and show them a Chinese calendar. This year’s symbol is the year of the tiger. Why is that and just what does it mean?

Just remember to have fun learning about others. Our world is getting smaller. Many people are adopting Chinese children. People are coming to the U.S. from China every day to study and learn. Many continue to work in our country or take the resources back to help their own people.

This simple project is just the tip of the iceberg. Perhaps other country’s New Year celebrations could be studied at the same time. The entire project could be upgraded for older elementary students. It could be used for disabled children and slower learners. Beds or their rooms with the red firecrackers that they made or helped to make.

How to Create a Successful Website

If you are trying to make money online your best bet is to create a website and have good promotion. If you don’t have good promotion nobody will see your site and be able to buy anything. You need to be on the first page of popular search engine the most important being Yahoo. I have been through several companies and the best promotion I have found is Yahoo Sponsored Search. You bet a certain amount per click you get to your site. You can bet $.10 per click. Just remember to read all fine print because these people might not actually buy your things. It’s the best search optimization site i’ve seen. You can easily see your page on the first page of search results based on the seach terms you use. You will want to use good key words. If you have a website which sells clocks for example, you will have a lot of competition to get the best search result under “clocks”. This means you will have to over bid them on price, and these people are usually stores which can afford to pay thousands of dollars towards optimization.

I would highly recommend creating your business as an Ebay store. You will not have to pay for people to see your site because you’re listings show up on ebay. People can see your store and look at each item. You wont have to buy a domain name. It’s very easy to create your own store and you can list each item on your store and track everything. You can click on manage my store once you have chosen to build your store. The basic store costs $15.95 a month. There’s another version which is about $20.00 more. The next version is around $400.00 per month. With a basic store you can customize your pages and add pictures of items. You only get 5 pages and 3 pictures per page with basic. If you have a lot of items you wont want an ebay store. You might think of just listing all items on ebay and not have to buy promotion for your site. Targeted and untargeted traffic does not work. I have gotten thousands of page views per day and never made a single penny. It’s a waste of your time and I wouldn’t go this route.

I also take care to go through FKC Concept online where there are many helpful tips on how to keep websites of disrepute at bay as they are looking out for victims that they can swindle easily and earn some quick bucks at their expense but eBay isn’t a bad option if you look at it in the true sense.

You can create your own website through hundreds of places. I made a website through It’s very easy to build a site and get around. They have a lot of nice designs and templates to choose from. Ebay only has about 7 choices to choose from for templates. It’s definately not as nice as your own website could be- but you’ve getting a lot of page views anyways. No matter what you do remember to put a counter on your site to track traffic. Also make sure the website offers a shopping cart feature. You could use paypal- and accept credit cards, e checks and bank account transfers. It’s a really nice feature but there are small fees involved.

Make sure to pick a good title when you choose a website. You need a website that offers a free domain included with a web site building tool. You will watch to get them together or else you will have to transfer your domain to your website which can be quite difficult because I couldn’t figure it out and I’m pretty good with computers. Make sure to look through examples and templates so you know what you can put on your site and this way you will get some ideas of items to put on your website. You can add a shopping cart feature, a counter, a poll, a guestbook, newsletter and featured items. There are different items to choose from on each website. You will need to buy the website builder and domain all in one. The website includes all of this. It’s very easy to follow the steps to create a website. Just follow each step and read all the fine print. You will most likely be charged a fee per month.

Choosing an Ideal Weight Loss Diet

These days, more and more people are taking health and fitness as a serious matter. This should normally be a good thing since such awareness about health and fitness can only result in healthy eating habits and regular exercise routines. However, this can also be taken to extremes, which can only result in ill effects on the body. This is habitually a result of the influence of commercials that indirectly dictate to our subconscious that we need to have perfect bodies in order to live a ideal and fulfilling life.

As a result of this increased awareness of fitness, gyms and health clubs have been set up all over the country. Pictures of celebrities sporting trim and perfect bodies flash over the magazine covers, with not so subtle suggestions that we all should look the same and that this is the ultimate route to eternal happiness.

Cable TV is overloaded with commercials for exercise machines, weight loss supplements, meal replacement products, etc, and almost every household in the country is using them.

Hundreds of magazines have cropped up recently that claim to suggest the perfect diet plan that just works. With so many of these books and websites claiming to have discovered the perfect secret to successfully shed the pounds, how do you sort out the credible ones from the rip-offs? Which diet/weight loss plan is the most effective?

Majority of diet plans that are currently on the market work, as long as you stick to the proposed meal plans. However, this is the hardest part. We are all human beings after all, and it’s not possible to exist on measly quantities of food forever. Right after you stop following the plan, the lost pounds usually return at an alarming rate, accompanied by a few more. For this reason, it is advisable to choose a plan that’s doable, and healthy. In other words, the plan should offer all the important nutrients and at the same time, is practical enough to follow on a regular basis.

Next, it is important to devote the time to buy and prepare the food. Always keep store of healthy food so that you always have something to munch on when hungry between meals. Make sure that the diet plan you chose is not very strict. Too much restriction can only cause you to revert back, which can be counterproductive to your goals. An occasional treat is fine as long as you do not overdo it. Moreover, considering weight loss supplement as a support to your diet may also be a good idea. There are healthy and no side effects dietary supplements that you can buy in the market. For more information, you may see leptoconnect reviews online.

You should follow a diet plan that keeps your blood sugar levels stable throughout the day. This will ensure that you don’t feel hungry. Feeling hungry during a diet plan is the number one reason why people fail to keep it up.

Whether you chose to follow a diet plan or not, exercise is a very important component of your weight loss regimen. However, exercise does not have to be excessive. Walking during the week, and participating in your favorite activity during the weekend will ensure that you successfully achieve your weight loss goals. If you are looking for a drastic transformation of your body, you will need to work harder. However, if you are merely looking to lose a few pounds, then getting involved in your favorite activity during the weekends will suffice.

In summary, to lose weight and to keep it off, you need to eat healthy, exercise regularly, limit your intake of excess fat, and increase the amount of exercise that you do. Follow these guidelines, and don’t overdo it. You will achieve your goals in no time.

Sewing Machine Review: Bernina 1090

The Bernina 1090 sewing machine is not a new model. It was manufactured many years ago. Now you cannot find new versions of this model. However, there are others selling this and you may purchase it from them. You really cannot find new products these days.

This machine is one of the few that were available in the market probably 17 years ago. This was one of the first computerized sewing machines and it was sold expensively long ago. Just like the other computerized sewing machine, the Bernina 1090 has built-in controls for accurate and faster sewing. Everyone loved this model since it can make their work easier and lighter.

The Bernina 1090 comes along with a free arm so that you can work with the sleeves or the legs of the pants easily. This gives you much space that you needed.

You may also find adjustable functions on the machine. You may be able to directly adjust the length and width of stitches. You are also given a precise function to adjust the pressure on the presser foot and the positioning of your needles.

There are some advantages that the Bernina 1090 holds.

First, it is a truly versatile sewing machine. The Bernina 1090 is just a simple but it has a lot to offer. It can be used for different kinds of materials which are not usually done with the other machines. Many machines are created only for one use but with Bernina 1090, you can use it for different types of sewing you want. The working through the machine will be easy when a person has registered at site. The link will direct the person to take the advantage to knowing about different capabilities of the model. The meeting of the desired results will be easy and efficient for the person. 

It can be used for sewing, embroidery and quilting. You do not need to worry about changing from one task to another since it is already programmed in the machine. You just need to press some buttons.

Second, it is made of strong and durable materials. The Bernina 1090 sewing machine is truly something you want to keep and not include it in your garage sale. You surely do not want to sell away this precious item you have. Many would love to purchase this machine since its parts are really not easily broken. It just proves that you bought a really worthy item.

Third, the needle position setting (up or down) is perfect. You may encounter problems with your needle positioning. If you are using older sewing machines, you surely have experienced difficulty in controlling your needle’s movement. Although you already placed it in the up position, the needle would go down. You need to adjust manually the needle before you can continue your work. What is good about the Bernina 1090 is that you can set the needle in whatever position you wish. You can choose whether up or down.

Fourth, the presser foot allows you to adjust pressure easily. This feature lets you decide how you do with your work. Different kinds of pressure are needed to different sewing work. It is up to you how you handle and adjust the pressure that you will need to finish your work easily.

Despite its advantages, the Bernina 1090 also has disadvantages.

First, the throat is small. Many people really find it difficult working with small throat. This is one feature that most sewers want sewing machines to change in the future. Others may even purchase new machine that has longer throat.

Second, looking for second-hand Bernina 1090 is difficult. Many are still looking for anyone selling this model. However, they end up disappointed because it cannot be found in the markets anymore. Those who have bought the machine do not want to sell it away because they have really wanted to keep the Bernina 1090.

Beat the Heat Without Air Conditioning

Not everyone has — or even wants — air conditioning.

I didn’t have air conditioning when I grew up. Sure, it was available, but my parents decided it was too expensive. When I grew up and got a place of my own, I maintained down the no air conditioning path for the same reason.

Besides – my parents taught me how to keep a house cool on hot summer days without air conditioning. Sure, I occasionally cheat and go to the movies, spend time visiting friends, and spend more time than I should getting groceries, but I’ve been able to cool my house off and keep my summer energy consumption low.

Your reasons for going without air conditioning may be different than mine. But if you don’t have air conditioning in your apartment or house, there are five great ways you may not have thought of to beat the heat without air conditioning.

Ice is nice. If you’re going to be in one place for a little while (sleeping, sitting, in the kitchen, etc.), you can make an impromptu air conditioning unit. Place an enclosed block of ice in front of a fan. The breeze from the fan will pass over the ice, bringing its coolness to you. If your ice isn’t enclosed, however, the breeze may also bring moisture to you. Putting your ice in plastic containers or bags will solve that problem as long as the lids are on the containers and the bags are closed. While the coolness lasts for a finite period and only cools the air for the first couple yards, ice is renewable and cheap.

Lighten up. Dark colors attract and absorb heat, while light colors repel it. As such, it’s only logical to switch your window dressings and bed linens to lighter colors in the summer. Ditto with slip covers for your couches and chairs, if you use them. Passive solar heat is great in the winter. In the summer? Not so much. Light colors are a great way to keep cool without air conditioning.

Drink warm fluids. It sounds counter-intuitive, doesn’t it? After all, doesn’t a frosty mug of ice cold cola or adult beverage go down really well on a scorching hot day? Sure – but it also creates a contrast between the fluid going in and the heat baking the outside. Warm fluids don’t. Warm fluids actually act as better air conditioning substitutes.

Assist osmosis. Osmosis is the migration of stuff from a high concentration to a low concentration. You can use this scientific principle – and speed it up – to beat the heat without air conditioning. There are probably hot spots in your home (like in rooms with south-facing windows). There are probably also cooler spots (like in the basement). Using fans, you can effectively expel the hot air from your home and pump the cooler air in. Since heat rises, it’s most effective to blow the hot air out your window. And, since cool air tends to sink, fans are needed to move it upward and through your abode. It’s not air conditioning – it’s air manipulation.

You’re all wet. You can quickly and cheaply beat the heat this summer by occasionally dampening your ears, hands and feet with cool water or an ice cube. There are tons of capillaries, arteries and veins in those three body parts, all carrying blood through out your body. When you cool your hands, feet and ears, it cools the blood. This cooler blood travels through your body, cooling you down. And, since evaporation is a cooling process, you get an additional cooling effect.

When it comes to cooling effect, there is little to match blaux portable ac as it is one of the best brands in the world today with ACs of the highest working order which is why business is booming for Blaux company in full swing.

Learn About The Difference Of Consuming CBD Oil And Hemp Oil!

CBD oil is made from the stem and roots of the cannabis plant, and it is also known as cannabidiol. It is a natural oil that has a lot of benefits on the human body. It has some special type of properties which comes with high intoxication level. On the other side, when we talk about using hemp oil, then it is a derived from cold-pressing hemp seeds can it is opposite to a CBD oil because it comes with a different type of flavor named as nutty. This type of oil is specially derived from the cannabis plant, but the production of hemp oil is quite different. It doesn’t contain any type of chemical or THC compounds. For more information, you can visit here for coupon code and for buying hemp and CBD oil. Both the oil has different benefits as well as uses, and, in this article, you will be going to read about the difference in the consumption of CBD oil as well as hemp oil.

Benefits of CBD oil:

  • Depression and anxiety:

consuming CBD oil has a lot of benefits, and the first benefit of consuming this oil is that it helps in curing problems like depression and anxiety. 

  • Cancer symptoms:

the consumption of CBD oil is beneficial to cure some chronicle diseases such as cancer. 

  • Anti-seizure:

with the help of CBD oil, you can cure diseases such as epilepsy as, according to a research, it is listed that it helps in curing several chronic diseases and benefit from curing them. 

  • Pain relief:

it is a magical oil in terms of curing body pain and provides you with relief. 

  • Neuroprotective:

consuming CBD oil is also beneficial to cure brain functioning as well as diseases like brain stroke, Alzheimer as well as multiple sclerosis that can be cured with the help of CBD oil.

  • Anti-acne:

it is beneficial for those individuals who have anti-acne problems because by consuming CBD oil, it reduces the amount of inflammation from your body, thus proved you with satisfactory results. 

All the benefits of consuming CBD oil are listed in the upper section, which will help you to consider it and get the treatment of such chronicle diseases. Now, in the lower section, I am going to represent some of the benefits of consuming hemp oil through which all the terms will become clear in front of you. 

Benefits of Hemp oil:

  • Moderate the production of oil:

in terms of health and skin, there are numerous benefits of consuming hemp oil, and thus it helps in moderating the level and production of oil. It helps in managing the moisture of clogs and pores on the skin of your face, which will balance oily substance. Also, it helps in providing a proper amount of hydration to your body, which will become beneficial for you. 

  • Moisturize inflammation:

another benefit of consuming hemp oil is that it helps in moisturizing inflammation as well as soothes it at a certain amount. In will encourage the overall growth as well as cells of your skin, which will become beneficial for the growth of cells. 

  • Comes with anti-aging properties:

consuming hemp oil is beneficial as it comes with some special properties, which is anti-aging thus, it helps you to lower the number of wrinkles as well as fine lines and provide nutrients in your body. 

All the benefits of hemp oil are also listed in the upper section through which you will learn the difference and health benefits of consuming CBD oil as well as hemp oil. Understand its benefits and learn the difference between them.  


My Favorite Weight Loss Plans for the New Year

As the end of 2008 approaches, it is the perfect time to begin planning for the New Year. As people begin to think about New Year’s Resolutions, losing weight will be at the top of the list for many.

How does one go about picking a weight loss plan that will work? The best way is to do your homework and study several plans before you choose one. You may even find yourself taking the best parts of several plans and tailor making one specific to your needs.

Over the years I have tried many weight loss plans. Most of them will help you lose weight, but the real question you must ask yourself is “Is this a plan I can live with for the rest of my life?” A weight loss plan that is designed for you to be on for a short period of time may help you lose weight. The problem is that when you start eating normally again…you will gain the weight right back.

Here are 4 weight loss plans that are designed to help you lose weight AND maintain that weight for the rest of your life. I have lost 50 pounds using one or a combination of these plans. Not only do I look and feel better, I have changed many of the bad eating habits that led to my weight gain to begin with.

1) The Best Life Now Diet. The “die-t” is not usually a work I associate with a life-changing weight loss plan. But the word “diet in this plan refers soley to “diet” as the food you eat…not a short term weight loss plan.

I love this diet! Developed by Bob Greene, Oprah’s personal trainer…this plan tackles the emotional as well as the physical aspect of overeating. It does not just slap a bank-aid on the problem. It gives you tools to tackle your specific problem areas through 3 distinct phases.

The process of taking baby steps to reach your goal is very effective because you do not feel so overwhelmed. I lost 20 pounds just in Phase 1 and the only changes I made were:

  1. a) No eating past 2 hours before bedtime.
  2. b) Drink 6-8 cups of water a day
  3. c) Eat breakfast every morning
  4. d) Eat more fiber
  5. e) Take daily vitamin

Losing those 20 pounds seemed practically effortless. The hardest part for me was ending the before bed snacking…but the effort was well worth the sacrifice. Not only did I lose weight, I changed a bad habit! On top of that, I also plan to take helpful and effective weight loss supplements like leptoconnect. I checked some leptoconnect reviews online and the feedback of all the customers are positive. This brand is also made from all natural ingredients so I can assure that this is very healthy and safe. 

2) The Ultimate Weight Loss Solution. This plan, developed by Dr. Phil McGraw, is another one that tackles the emotional aspects of overeating. It also includes a jump start plan that is designed to jump start your metabolism. The jump start only lasts for 2 weeks, and then you are allowed to slowly incorporate certain foods back into your diet.

I believe this is a great plan that you can no only lose weight with, but live with as well. For me, the problem came in the first 2 week jump start. It was a bit too stringent for me and I found it difficult to do in cooking for my family. Still, it is a great plan that encourages lifestyle change, including exercise.

3)Thin Again Weight Loss Plan. I find the name of this plan a bit presumptious because, personally, I have never been thin. Still, the plan is a good one…especially if you believe that God can help you in your weight loss journey. This plan takes a spiritual approach to losing weight. Through scripture, prayer and inner healing, you will slowly begin to WANT to do what is best for your mind, spirit and body. This plan sees excess weight as a symptom of a spiritual lack in your life…and takes that angle in dealing with the issue.

I lost several pounds on this plan, but felt I needed a few more specific guidelines in order to have the true success I wanted.

Weight Watcher’s. This plan has undergone many changes over the years. Whereas it used to be very stringent in what you were allowed to eat, it has no remade itself so that it is all about making these healthy diet changes that you can live with. Although Weight Watchers does offer prepackaged foods, it is not a requirement to use them. It gives guidelines for making healthy choices in the foods you normally eat focusing on portion control. There is also a big emphasis on support and accountability, which is why you are encouraged to attend weekly weigh in meetings.

I have never personally tried Weight Watchers, but know many people who have lost a lot of weight and kept it off using this plan.

All of these plans will put you on the road to a lifetime of success in conquering any of your unhealthy eating habits. Just remember that it is a process. Take your time, and set small goals along the way. If you do this, you will not only lose weight, you will keep it off.

Social Networking Sites: What You Need to Know Before You Join

Social networking sites have taken the very act of socializing to a level that triggers a panic-paranoia type reaction in some persons while others tend to feel like they are tuned in to 24/7 soap operas. The reality is, when we do not use these networks responsibly we risk privacy invasion among other fraudulent and malicious activities. However once we are able to ascertain our objectives and requirements, personal or business, we will be able to build connections that are more positive and substantial in experience.

There are several networking sites worldwide; sites such as Flickr, and CafeMom that target users by offering services based on specific interests and activities. Then there are more general types like Facebook, Bebo, and Twitter. The fact is, if you join several sites you will eventually become overwhelmed and will not truly benefit from the experience as it will take more time and effort to maintain a presence and ultimately network with other members. There is nothing wrong in being a member of different groups; however the success of each experience is determined by the number of groups joined as well as the combination of groups.

Many of us are familiar with Facebook, MySpace, Tagged. They are all general type communities with millions of users worldwide; there are also groups such as Hi5 and MyLOL which tend to be more popular in specific countries. Social networking is not for everyone, but for those interested in expanding their horizons, it’s best to choose carefully. The first steps would be to find out what the site offers; its market niche and credibility. That is, ensure that the information you choose to share is safe. A good place to check for in depth information on social networking sites is www.; It gives reviews on the more popular websites along with how they are ranked using criterion such as security, networking features, profiles and technical support.

In addition, with the aid of modern technology, it is now possible for people especially for social media influencers to getfans instantly. This allows them to build their network in a short span of time. As a result, they are able to get more benefits from it.

Having a trial period by using an anonymous or fictitious profile is another way to investigate before you ‘put yourself out there’ and conferring with friends and family to find out what their individual experiences are, will give insight which more likely includes their annoyances and regrets. Once you gather all the required data your choice will be much easier. It’s simpler to choose the sites that are specific to interests than choosing one that is general in content. For example Flickr is mainly a photo/video sharing site, for professionals or otherwise. So if you know you are not into photography, you know that Flickr is not for you.

Here is a personal insight to three of the more popular (general) networks:


MySpace paved the path for social networking sites although it has been surpassed by Facebook; however it still holds an appeal that causes members to stay loyal. Although the site offers a blogging service, the blogs are more of a personal than an informative note. MySpace is great for the following:

Maintain anonymity,    Meet new people, and    Explore other sides to your personality


If you long for a family or high school reunion, Facebook is the place to get it. Facebook is ideal for keeping in touch with family, friends and acquaintances from all over the world through applications such as photo sharing, direct messaging, online conversations and status updates. Because this site offers a more closed knit feel, you will be comfortable in what you share, knowing that you are not divulging to complete strangers.


Twitter is ideal for sharing business ventures and worldly information; breaking news, entertainment reports and celebrity interface are what you gain from joining this network. The site offers a micro-blogging service, where users share information in short status updates and notes to each other. If you want to market yourself, a service or product, Twitter can help. The best part is that your profile consists of a short bio, your location and profile picture, and you decide if and what you wish to share.

Although you have the option to deactivate or terminate an account, you will have no control, nor can you retract information that has already been shared. As such, the right move is to ensure you thread carefully and not dive in. Social networks are fun, interactive and edifying, but always remember that persons are able to hide behind the anonymity so try to minimize the number of locations that have your information.

4 Easy Ways for the Inexperienced Marketer to Make Money Online

We hear of many people online who claim they have plans in which anyone can make money online regardless of experience or knowledge with Profit Accumulator. It is hard to determine what works and what doesn’t in the online world. There are many scams but also a few things that actually work.

If I was in a pure money crunch I would start listing things I had laying around the house on Craigslist and eBay. Most people have at least $1,000 worth of “junk” laying your house collecting dust that would be worth a great deal of money to someone else. List those items and see where it takes you. My guess would be you will make more than $1,000. How am I qualified to give this information? I’ve actually done this myself.

Another option one can take to make money while still being at home is by trying to take online surveys. My experience tells me that the income claims made on most of those websites are not very accurate. However, I’ve made around $100 to $200 a week taking surveys. Nothing spectacular, but it helps me to work at home and pay a few bills.

Another viable option is becoming a freelancer online. There are many marketers looking for people to help them out online. You could do things like writing articles, or proofreading written materials, or even typing for people. Simply look around the internet for freelance jobs, and you will surprise yourself how much money is out there for the taking.

Another easy option is to become an affiliate for a product or company. Once you do, you can market it by writing articles or placing free ads online with an affiliate link inside of your offers. This can become very lucrative if done right.

I’ve talked quite a bit about what works, now I have to mention what doesn’t work. I would be very leery about buying into any business in which you are competing against many other people selling the exact same thing online. Many online businesses are like that, where you’re the biggest competitor is actually the very same people who are supposed to be helping you. This makes for a very poor situation for the downline in these companies.

Also, be very careful of sending a significant amount of money to any of the MLM companies unless you have thoroughly researched them out. I have not found any of them to be profitable at all.

So, in conclusion, if you need to make money online I would recommend selling your “junk” from around the house on Craigslist and eBay. Also at least one of the following three: online surveys, freelancing, or taking surveys.

A Product Review of Victoria’s Secret Romantic Wish Perfume

I was given an one ounce size bottle of Victoria’s Secret Romantic Wish Perfume as a gift! I have never tried any of Victoria’s Secret trademark and brand scents or perfumes. I could not wait to try this scent out and write a review all about it! Here is what I discovered!

I was truly delighted with this perfume gift. I love trying out different brands and different scents of perfume! I looked up this perfume online and did some research on it. It seems a bit hard to find, but I located it on the and web sites! The cost of this perfume varies greatly depending on where you buy it at. A large 3.4 ounce bottle can run anywhere from twenty-six dollars to thirty-five dollars. A one ounce bottle can be found online from nine dollars up to thirteen dollars. This product is also being sold in a gift set of lotion, perfume and bath and body items! The scent is still listed in gift sets on the Victoria’s Secret web site, but many other perfume web sites that I visited which carried this product had it listed as out of stock, discontinued or you could put your name on a waiting list for this perfume.

Like I said, I did find Victoria’s Secret Romantic Wish Perfume for sale at many other web sites, so it is still available. I love the box that this perfume comes in! It has a gorgeous picture of a beautiful flower on it. The perfume bottle has the same beautiful picture of that same flower on it, also. The bottle adds beauty to my dresser top and I really think this bottle has a lovely feminine quality to it! The scent description of this perfume on the front of the box says that this fragrance is a blend of pomegranate, freesia and cucumber blossom. That is a very interesting combination of scents, in my opinion! I have used cucumber scented lotions before and I thought that I would not like it, that is, until I tried it! These type of cucumber scented products have a way of becoming better smelling as they subtly fade.

Now cucumbers are not a popular flavor of perfumes because people are more content with eating it for good health benefits but when it comes to inhaling the fumes, it is not something that people are fond of.

That is exactly what happened when I tried this perfume out for the first time. It is lovely smelling, very sweet and it fades quickly. It fades into a delicate flowery essence that is fragile and very subtle. My first impression was to spray more on, to intensify this scent. That does not work with this perfume! It does not matter how much you apply, it still fades quickly into a subtle flowery scent. So, I quickly discovered why it is called “Romantic Wish” and this is something to truly appreciate! When you are planing an intimate encounter with the one you love, this perfume is easily smelled up close! Very close! It will not overtake a room with fragrance, but it will pleasantly surprise someone getting up close and personal to you! Got it? It enhances any romantic wish and will delight your partner without overwhelming them. Of course, you need to appreciate the delicate fragrance of flowers. It is sexy, subtle, feminine and very floral. I really like this scent and it has it’s time and place.

I loved this gift and Victoria’s Secret Romantic Wish Perfume really surprised and delighted me. It took a bit of time to really appreciate the beauty of this very sweet and romantic scent. It is like holding a flower close to your nose and smelling it! I am betting that if you layer this perfume with the romantic wish body lotion, it will smell absolutely heavenly and still have that subtle and sweet floral scent. I enjoy wearing this scent on special occasions and I also enjoyed writing a product review about this perfume! It is delightful. I rate Victoria’s Secret Romantic Wish Perfume four stars out of five stars. It is very subtle, but it is truly sexy!