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Setting Realistic Weight Loss and Fitness Goals

The thought of losing weight is often overwhelming, especially for those of us who have a significant amount of weight to lose. If your goal is to lose 80 pounds, for example, a weight loss goal of 3 pounds the first week followed by 2 pounds the second week might seem discouraging. You may think of all of the work and effort that you put into losing a mere 5 pounds in 2 weeks, and think to yourself ” big deal, I still have 75 more pounds to lose. This is going to take forever”. You may find yourself getting discouraged before you even get the first 10 pounds off. Let’s try thinking of it in another way. You have 80 pounds to lose, but you start off saying to yourself “I want to lose 8 pounds the first month”. You lose 3 pounds the first week, 2 pounds the second week, 2 pounds the third week, and 1.5 pounds the fourth week. This is an 8.5 pound weight loss over 4 weeks, which exceeds your goal. Instead of now saying ” I have 71.5 pounds left to lose”, set another realistic and attainable goal for the coming month. Keep in mind that if you are eating a healthy diet (approximately 1200-1500 calories per day) you can expect to lose 1-2 pounds each week. You can set a realistic goal of 7 pounds for this month, and you will most likely meet or exceed that goal. Keep setting small goals for yourself until you reach the ultimate goal. This will help to prevent that overwhelming feeling of “I’m never going to be able to do this” that so many of us feel. It may even be helpful to write each month’s goals on an index card and put it on the refrigerator for a reminder to stay on track. For the realistic goals and reduction in weight, a check should be made at the nutrisystem review. It will offer the correct and true information to the people for reduction in the weight. The goals of the people are achieved with the use of the best products. The charges for fitness goals are less when compared to the other supplements.

Do the same thing for your exercise and fitness goals. You cannot expect to go from being an inactive couch potato to running on the treadmill for an hour a day overnight. Look at your starting fitness level and decide what you can realistically do to increase your activity. Start slow and build up from there. Park your car further from the stores or your work. Go for a walk at lunch time and after dinner. Take the stairs whenever you can. Once you find that you have increased your activity a bit, start planning and scheduling time for exercise. Avoid being over zealous at first; many people vow to exercise for an hour every day of the week and then fall short due to other obligations. Be realistic, but aim for 30 minutes of aerobic activity such as walking briskly 4-5 times each week. As your fitness level improves, you can modify your routine and add resistance training with some light weights.

Remember, this is not a “diet”. The word diet implies a program that has a set start date and a finish date. In order to lose weight and become healthier and more physically fit, you need to make these dietary and exercise changes a permanent part of your life. Above all else, remember that this is not a race. It doesn’t really matter when you get to your goal weight, as long as you are making slow but steady progress. Good Luck to all!

Top Five Most Disappointing Video Games

With all three gaming consoles near the end of their cycles, 2019 proved to be a moderately good year for video gaming. Blockbuster hits like Halo 4 and Mass Effect 3 were released to industry acclaim. But, while some games flourished, others failed to live up to expectations. The following five games were the biggest disappointments of 2019 and detailed reviews of the graphics and the gameplay of all these games are there on online games unblocked.

  • Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning – Actually, the game itself proved to be surprisingly good. It sported a critically acclaimed combat system and a riveting plot. It did receive complaints about length and focusing on side quests, but comparatively, it got solid reviews for a first outing. In fact, the reviews were good enough that people were looking forward to a sequel that built on the story while fixing flaws. This is where the game disappointed. Due to the financial mess that was 38 Studios, no sequel will ever be published. 38 Studios are out of business and the IP never got sold. In the end, a game that seemed to be destined for a series proved to be nothing more than a one-shot.
  • Silent Hill Downpour – Silent Hill games have been generally going downhill since Silent Hill 3, but fans were hoping for a revival. Silent Hill Downpour was a rather tepid entry in the series that suggests that this once great horror series is likely to disappear in the next few years.
  • Syndicate – The original Syndicate was a tactical masterpiece. The 2012 version was a first-person shooter that didn’t appeal to anyone. Fans of the original hated the change in genre and fans of first-person shooters saw many better options released in 2012. The game simply didn’t have an audience and failed to appeal to the audience it should have had.

  • Resident Evil 5 – After the massive success of Resident Evil 4 and a huge advertising campaign, fans of this series assumed Resident Evil 5 would be the best game ever in series. The game was supposed to redefine the series and bring together fans of all previous titles. It did bring them together, but mostly in disappointment. It wasn’t a terrible game. It simply wasn’t what Resident Evil fans have come to expect.
  • Diablo III – After an interminable wait, Diablo fans expected a masterpiece on par with the previous installment. What they received was a game that seemed more designed to line Blizzard’s pockets with money than to actually entertain the masses. The real-world auction house and constant internet connection requirement chafed as did an early round of balance updates. In the end, Diablo III simply wasn’t as fun a game like Diablo II and had almost no meaningful replay value.

How to Start an Eco-Friendly Cleaning Service

As more people understand the value in minimizing waste, reusing goods and the health and safety benefits from using natural products, eco-friendly products and services have gained in popularity.

Appeal to this growing demographic by providing a competitively-priced cleaning service that minimizes it’s footprint with common sense, eco-friendly cleaning techniques and products. Being green won’t cost your business a fortune. Instead, it may save you thousands a year in overhead costs.

Learn How to Go Green

Learn how to implement green practices in every aspect of your business, from your cleaning techniques and the products you use to your advertising materials. As well, you’ll want to minimize paper waste by conducting online billing, using recycled materials for your business cards and fliers and scheduling customers in a way that allows you to minimize gas usage or investing in a commercial vehicle with a good MPG rate. Learn which chemicals are harmful and how to avoid them, as well as proper diluting techniques to ensure that green solutions do not become harmful with inadequate mixing. Consider obtaining training and certification from the Green Clean Institute or Green Seal.

Get Certified

Consider obtaining a specialty certification, such as the Upholstery  amp; Fabric Cleaning Technician or the Upholstery  amp; Fabric Cleaning Technician, if you intend to clean carpets, restore upholstery or offer some other specialty. Visit the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration for to find information on 22 relevant certifications that will help you gain the knowledge to do the job correctly and the credibility to reassure clients that you know what you’re doing. According to Shine Up Cleaning services, the starting should be done with the mopping at the floor. The information about the cleaning should be provided to the clients to get the desired results with plenty of cleaning benefits. 

Visit the EPA

Visit the Environmental Protection Agency’s Environmentally Preferable Purchasing site to learn how to identify green manufacturers and those environmental attributes that will make your cleaning service eligible for being listed as an environmentally-friendly business. When selecting a supplier, some considerations include whether they are using recyclable packaging, reducing packaging and reducing flammability, added fragrances, skin irritants and dyes. Go Green Supplier is one such supplier of eco-friendly products. Green Seal also has a list of cleaning products that meet standards, such as Simple Green or Oxy Clean.

Legitimize your Business

Select a catchy name for your business that reflects the fact that you are committed to the environment and then register your business. If you don’t intend to form a limited liability company, you may need to obtain a Doing Business As permit. Consult with an attorney and accountant to ensure that you fully understand each business entity and which one is right for your business.

Buy Eco-friendly Supplies

Purchase an eco-friendly cleaning system that allows you to minimize your chemical usage and creates better indoor air quality, as well as chemicals that are Green Seal or EPA certified. Invest in reusable rags and paper towels or wipes made from recycled materials. When purchasing your chemicals, opt for larger containers and containers that can be reused. When possible, use natural products such as vinegar and baking soda, which can be used on most surfaces.

Market your Business

Market your business by starting a website and listing your business in the Yellow Pages online and off. Invest in business cards made with recycled paper. Use scrap paper to create catchy fliers that further highlight your commitment to going green.

Corruption of Champions- Savoring the Moment with Downloading Technique

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear about entertainment? There are many things that start floating simultaneously where you can get a hint about the things that are taking place and manifesting themselves into glaring memories of childhood.

Those were pure and innocent times that are too good to be true which is why we constantly reminisce about the days gone by when hanging out with friends or playing video games within the four walls were quite the norm that have been sadly replaced with crass and raunchy content as OTT platforms are taking over the movie theatre.

Speaking of video games, the 80s and 90s generation have still not lost the flair that they enjoyed and continue to play their favorite games on PS4 and Xbox 360 with a sense of nostalgia in full flow while playing super Mario, Swat Kats, Dangerous Dave and their ilk.

New Gen Gaming

Today’s article isn’t about any of the ones mentioned above because this is the new generation of the 21st century where they demand much more than a cartoonish version of their heroes.

Corruption of Champions is one that easily falls into the category of a typical action adventure that has none of the innocence and purity of Super Mario or Dave but reeks of gory and violent content to the core.

This is the reason why OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have gangster flicks and raunchy films that cannot be seen with the family are becoming more and more popular with each passing day.

These films have been accused (with good reason) of corrupting the minds of youngsters and treading them away from the just and moral path to one of immorality and destruction.

Corruption of Champions (COC) does not belong to the same category even though it is of the same genre but with a modern outlook through its story and characters which is why it is popular among the youth.

It was launched around January 2011 and has action and adventure galore without sacrificing on the quality content which was the original plan of Fenoxo with the hopes that it would become a leading figure among action games of the gangster genre.

Save It

While the mixed response regarding the game as a whole has been vocal, it is also true that firm loyalists continue to hold it in high regard which is why you’ll see that there is an increase in demand for the entire series even though it is nearly a decade old.

Corruption of Champions is available in western nations like USA, UK, Canada, etc. however given the positive reviews that have come up online Asian countries too want to try them out even though they are known to be cultural.

However, again it is the youth brigade that wants to play this unique flick which is why there have been attempts to illegally download it in countries that have prohibited such violent content.

When it comes to downloading, it should only be done through legal means so as to avoid legal issues from Fenoxo, which has already filed a lawsuit against a rival company for trying to plagiarizing their content without permission.

Therefore, to find and save games like corruption of champions is a risky business which is totally preventable as there are legal means through which you can download it on your system.

Click Trick

Downloading COC is no rocket science as you just need to type it on Google and hundreds of options will pop up for downloading it but it only until recently as they have dried up now.

The best way to download it is through SWF format as Adobe Flash has always been the first choice when it comes to popular video games where you can open the site and click on the ‘Download’ option.

It will start buffering in the initial stages depending on the data available and once it is done, the file will open up on its own, which will show the ‘Open’ option that would open the file upon clicking on it.

SWF is the only foolproof way to download Corruption of Champions as all other alternative have been taken off from the official sources.

5 Hot Spring 2020 Fashions from Charlotte Ronson

Charlotte Ronson is known for designing cute urban fashions for women. Most of her garments combine several types of fabrics in colors that complement each other. For this spring season, her ready to wear collection includes the colors blue, gray, white, pink, black, and spring floral prints. Charlotte’s fashions are also great for the college aged women who like to look stylish while attending class on the campus. Below are my five picks for the spring season:

The first dress(1) is a light spring floral print in orange, green, and light blue against a beige background. The dress is sleeveless with a handkerchief skirt that comes to above the knees. This is very pretty to wear to a garden or tea party this spring.

If you want to visit your relatives or even girlfriend, then it is the perfect dress to try out this season as it would reflect neatly on your personality without making you look awkward in any manner.

Here is an interesting two piece ensemble(2) with a short black skirt with a zipper in the front and a blouse that uses both an opaque and a sheer fabric with a solid black border at the hem. The black and white polka dots form the basic bodice while the sheer fabric adds the sleeves and neckline. Wear this while shopping at the mall, to the campus, or to a casual Saturday night party this spring.

This casual pullover and pants(3) set is perfect to slip into as soon as you get out of bed in the mornings. The bare shoulders provide a hint of sexiness here with some really comfortable looking stretch pants. This ensemble can look great with your favorite earrings and ring. Wear this to a informal lunch date with your best friend.

Here is a pretty print two-piece ensemble(4) with a lightweight jacket and dress(4) in the same black and white print fabric. Wear opaque stockings or leggings with this skirt because it is short. Gold is the perfect metal to wear with this outfit. Pile on narrow bangles to complete the look before you go out for a leisurely evening at your favorite nightclub.

I love the look of lace and this pretty pink sheer fabric with a flower print makes it look like lace from a distance in this dress.(5) With the pink layered over the black, it stands out even more. The black and white belt is a striking accessory with this dress. Wear the dress to a nightclub or a weekend party.

Charlotte Ronson(6) fashions can be purchased through her boutique in New York City and Barking Brown in Brooklyn, New York. The average price range of her fashions are between $150.00 to $400.00.

August Rush Crescendos with Music and Talent

August Rush is a glorious music fairy tale that blends sordid reality with harmonious surreality that you can watch on gudanglagu. It is Charles Dickens meets the Grimm Brothers–or Hans Christian Andersen. A twelve-year old child prodigy, Evan Taylor, is looking for his parents. He believes that music is the conduit between him and them. The film’s majestic music of diverse genres carries its audience through a screenplay flecked with flaws and tiny time inconsistencies that yet impeccably serves up a delicious fantasy illustrating the story well and fully.

What is the story? As a moviegoer who adores teaser trailers and abhors tell-all spoilers, I will not outline the plot–August Rush is best watched rather than explained. How was the acting? Well, Freddie Highmore, the child prodigy, is very real, sweet, and sensational. There’s just something about him–whether it’s the dimples, the determined chin, or the eyes full of light. A show business veteran, he is yet refreshing. He is a truthful actor.

The rest of the cast is also remarkable. Handsome Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is musical in his own right–you may have seen him perform in the music-driven Velvet Goldmine (1998), with Ewan McGregor and Christian Bale. Beautiful Keri Russell emotes genuinely–she draws you into her world. In fact, she and Rhys-Meyers wear their roles as custom-made suits. Robin Williams plays a complex character we don’t learn enough about–but enough to understand his bitterness. Terrence Howard does his magic and underscores the simple and powerful story. Other veteran cast members complete the talented ensemble–check out young Leon G. Thomas III and ten-year-old Jamia Simone Nash.

With a brash mix of stereotypes and subtleties, August Rush is yet a unique film among unique films–it tells a story through sound. Although not a musical, it makes you feel the music with every beat of its pulsing energy. The extremes of the emotional spectrum live side by side and erupt into joy. If you feel tears in your eyes and elation in your heart, don’t be surprised.

The screenplay is by Nick Castle and James V. Hart, both multi-talented film industry denizens. The director is Kirsten Sheridan, daughter of renowned director Jim Sheridan. She is, however, a directorial force in her own right–August Rush should make her a star director. Funnily enough, she and Rhys-Meyers share the same hometown, in Ireland–both were born in Dublin.

Ultimately, August Rush lends insight as to how a musician–especially a musical genius–hears music in everyday life, from the whoosh of the wind to the snap of a plastic bag to the rapture of a rhapsody. Mark Mancina spent close to two years writing the score for August Rush. His heart shows in every cadent note.

On Valentine’s Day 2008, the film’s star, Freddie Highmore, will turn sixteen. His career is riding high–just as August Rush’s cast and crew, Highmore included, rode soaring musical compositions. August Rush is a well-told tale steeped in music. Expect to be enthralled.

Different Options to Make Money Online


There are lots of different options for you to make money online. The more time that you dedicate to your online work, the more money that you will make. I have been searching for years on how to make more money online, and I think I have found the right combinations of sites that suit my needs best. No, I am not rich by working online, but I survive and I am able to stay home with my children and get rid of punching a time clock.

My main source of income online is writing. I love to write. If its writing articles, blogging, or just chatting with my friends, every time I type online I make sure that I am making money doing it. I advertise all my pieces online so I attract a lot of people to my work. I am not the best at writing, but practice makes perfect. I will eventually get better with practice, so later when my kids get older, I will make money doing less work. Everyone likes doing less work for the same pay, don’t they?

You can also try several paid to read email programs. They do not pay nearly as much but it something simple to do and you can use it for small savings like vacations. It’s not really difficult to do, you just click the email in your box and you will get credit for it. You can sign up for several of these as you typically don’t receive a lot each day for any of them. Different options are available at online websites to learn about online marketing for fashion. If there is any Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 scam, then the information should be shared with online attendants. The selection of the reputed site should be done for increasing the revenue with courses. 

If you have a little more time online you can try getting paid for doing surveys. They pay pretty good per survey but they do not come up very often. I recommend signing up for several of these as well because one site will not keep you busy enough to get a steady income.

There are a few game sites you can play games for free and earn points for gift cards. These gift cards are nice to save up for unexpected gifts, or even a trip to the grocery store. I play on several sites just to get away from the writers block, it gives me time to clear my mind while I am on the computer. That and who doesn’t like to play online games? I even play online trivia for gift cards?

A lot of these paid sites will offer bonuses to those who refer others. I do have a few referrals on a couple of sites, but I do not have a lot of spare time where I can try to recruit people to sign up. I wish I did because I would make a lot more money, but right now I am focusing on writing and sharpening my skills.

I would try to search for your own sites that best fit you and your life style. Maybe you do not have a lot of time extra to spend online, so a paid to read email program may be best for you. And, one rule of thumb, never pay to join a paid site. 99% of the time it will be a bogus site and you will never make any money on it. There are hundreds of paid sites that are free, you just need to find the best for you. Good luck on your journey in making some extra money online.

Weight Loss Surgery Options: What is Transoral Gastroplasty (TOGA)?

You may have heard about most of the weight loss surgery options available but there are a few new procedures that are just hitting the medical world that most people don’t know anything about. One of those new weight loss procedures is called transoral gastroplasty, which is referred to as TOGA.

So, what exactly is transoral gastroplasty and how does it differ from the other bariatric surgery procedures such as gastric bypass or gastric sleeve?

TOGA is a part of the new movement towards incisionless weight loss surgery. It utilizes natural orifices like the mouth instead of cutting through the person’s skin. The reason why more and more doctors are moving towards this procedure is because there is no incision involved which greatly lessens the chance of infection after the surgery. Instead of surgery, the selection of resurge pills should be made. The resurge reviews should be checked to eliminate the chances of surgery for the weight loss. The cutting of the skin is not required with the treatment from pills and tablets. The results are effective for the reduction in the excessive weight.

Transoral gastroplasty is much like stomach stapling except that the doctor inserts the instruments through the person’s mouth instead of making the incision in the abdomen. The stomach is stapled via the inside of the body and the stomach is never exposed to the outside.

The TOGA Procedure is Still Very New

The TOGA procedure is still very new in the medical world and clinical trials are still being run on the procedure. The actual TOGA procedure was developed by Satiety, Inc., which is a medical device company. They developed flexible medical devices that could be maneuvered in through the body so that the weight loss surgery could be performed without making any cuts.

The actual weight loss procedure takes approximately two hours or so and the patient is put under general anesthesia. A flexible camera is also inserted in the mouth along with the medical equipment so that the doctor can see exactly what is happening. The stomach is then inflated with air and then a small pouch is stapled off. This dramatically decreases the size of the stomach allowing the patient to eat less and feel fuller.

Currently the TOGA procedure is still in clinical trials as Satiety Inc awaits approval from the FDA. Just like other weight loss surgery options, patients much meet several requirements such as having a BMI of 35-55, having tried exercise and diets to lose weight, been obese for at least 2 years, and be over the age of 18 but not older than 60 years old.

Advantages of Transoral Gastroplasty over Other Weight Loss Surgeries

When patients have this type of weight loss procedure done they usually are only in the hospital overnight or for 24 hours to be observed. On the other hand, patients who have gastric bypass surgery usually are in the hospital for at least 3-4 days if not longer.

The biggest advantage though, is that there are no incisions made on the patient’s body. This greatly cuts down the risk of infection after the surgery. It is not uncommon for people who have weight loss surgery to suffer some sort of infection in their incision, but with TOGA those risks are nearly gone. The medical community is trying to move away from surgeries that involve unnecessary incisions and it appears that transoral gastroplasty the new wave of the future for weight loss surgery.

As of right now, transoral gastroplasty procedures are still in clinical trials. There have been over 100 people who have had this surgery in the United States and Mexico and have been successful at weight loss. Talk to your bariatric surgeon if you are interested in participating in these trials.

Bulletin Board Systems: Generation X’s First Social Network

Do you remember the precursor to the Internet: the BBS? A BBS, or Bulletin Board System, was software ran by computers that allowed users to call in with their computers via phone line. When they did so, they were able to participate in a social network that was much like a modern website forum. This social network was completely text based and ran on the DOS platform. Through this system they were able to socialize and do things such as download pictures and play simple games.

Does this all sound Greek to you? Read on for a bit of technological history.

The BBS reigned from the late 70’s and began its decline with the popularization of the Internet in the early 90’s. These programs required the use of a dedicated phone line and were run by hobbyists who wanted a social network of their own. The person who ran the BBS was referred to as a “Sys-Op” or System Operator.

Bulletin Board Systems were basically the minuscule equivalent of what a social website is today. Due to the fact that most of the users of these systems were local, there were often “meet and greets” where BBS enthusiasts could meet in real life. Sys-Ops often interacted with and got to know their users a lot more than today’s webmasters can get to know their users. The interaction with the followers available through Massgress site is great and offer effective results. The meetings are organized with the followers to promote the sale of the products with less spending of money.

The computer of that time paled in comparison to what it has become today. DOS was still a widely used platform and computers still had the capability to take discs that have long been obsolete. Performing online tasks such as downloading a photo onto a computer could take over an hour on a 2400 baud modem. Sys-Ops often offered, through mail, a collection on disc of what was available on their BBS so that users would not have to wait so long for download.

When first introduced, Internet service providers charged by the minute and usage instead of a flat monthly fee. Companies such as Compuserve, Prodigy, and America Online were king. There was also a number of uprising local ISPs, which have now long been out of business. Not everyone had an e-mail or website and there certainly was no such thing as MySpace.

However, as things progressed, there was no longer a need for Bulletin Board Systems. They slowly faded away as the Internet grew. For a time they were available through the Internet on Telnet access. But even that became pointless as Internet technology advanced. Today there are still a few in existence as some from that time continue to hold on to a technology that began virtual socialization. But few younger generations will ever know about Generation X’s first social network: the BBS.

Three Reasons You Should Use Twitter

It’s 2019 and there are a few people; still, who don’t recognize the power of Twitter. In the world of social media, this tiny seven-letter tool can create big waves in both your personal and business life. What faster way is there to spread a message to so many people, organizations, and clubs around the globe, than your 140-character status update? Similarly, we no have TikTok that is getting really popular among the youth. Moreover, Buying TikTok Video Likes is fast and cheap for new users. With all this in mind, and if you’re still not convinced to use Twitter, here are three additional reasons.

  1. Twitter creates connections. Never before has there been a quicker or simpler way to establish authentic connections with like-minded individuals who are on the same page as you. Whether you enjoy cooking with lemons, swimming with dolphins, or own a business that specializes in making rubber paper clips, Twitter can put you in touch with people who are interested in what you do and vice-versa.
  2. Personally, since I’m dating, sex, and relationship blogger, Twitter has connected me with some amazing people interested in wanting a better way to date. And there’s no better dating blog than one created by a Gay, Adopted Mexican because I tell it like it is. They want to become aware of what to do to maximize their dating experience so they reach out to me and baby, I let them have it.
  3. But in the process, something else occurs; we end up becoming friends-even when we’re miles apart. My close circle includes South Africa, Croatia, Australia, France, Malaysia, Mexico, just to name a few. And on a daily basis, I’m either skyping, emailing, or calling these friends that I’ve made through Twitter and it’s an exciting experience; some of them I’ve known for over three years now.

Two years ago, I gave some very powerful advice to a young lady in Los Angeles. She was dating a man for three years who failed to introduce her to his friends or family, was never allowed to call him during the day, and they never went out-anytime they spent together was always at her place, never his. She contacted me after a blog post I titled, “Who’s Your Love Back-Up?” which opened her eyes. She discovered she was his love back-up and didn’t like the idea of hanging around only to be considered if his previous plans had failed.

I followed up that post with a video on YouTube about love back-ups that really drove the point home and dedicated it to her. What was the result? She left him. It wasn’t easy, but she wanted to move forward and he was a no-good lying anchor weighing her fabulous self down. So we stayed in touch to make sure she was doing alright and six months later, it was Christmas and her star was shining bright, baby! She was using her spare time-which she had a lot of now–to start her own business; hand-made knitted-scarves. And guess who got the first scarf? I came home one day to find a little package from FedEx from LA.

And if you go to my YouTube channel, her comments are always present on my videos updating me on what’s going on with her life. Without Twitter, I’d never have the circle of friends I do now, and that’s exciting, but it’s waiting to happen to you too!

  1. Twitter can educate. When I have a question and I need real answers, I turn to Twitter-no matter what the subject matter is. Who knows about social media plans? Anyone out there had eyelash extensions? Where’s the best place for sushi in New York City? No matter what my tweet entails, I can always count on my followers to tweet out a response within seconds, but receiving those types of quick responses was hard work, and it didn’t happen overnight. Just because you sign up for Twitter doesn’t automatically get you a loyal following–you have to nourish and cultivate one.

These are real people with real lives and real feelings, so you treat them as such. It’s a two-way street; you get out what you put into it. You can surely go to other places online or even a newspaper to find out the current “happenings” in your city, but no other place like Twitter will have your friends tweeting your pictures through Twitpic with the fun things they’re doing. If you want to know the answer to the age-old question, so bulldogs like water? Then click on Boris. But Twitter isn’t just for fun.

When the Haiti earthquake struck, Twitter was one of the only means of communicating during the disaster. How powerful is it to see Anderson Cooper tweeting about the earthquake to keep everyone informed on what was going on?

  1. Twitter creates Opportunities. No matter what the reason for turning to social media, it created an opportunity. There’s was a guy tweeting out the hilarious yet abrasive things his father said and that landed him his own show on CBS this fall. My friend Liz, her husband, and their 1-year old daughter decided to leave the United States and go live in Croatia for two years. After a few months, Liz got bored. She didn’t know the language very well and despite living on the beach, getting tanned and collecting seashells wasn’t curing her frustration. I advised her to start a blog. She wrote and she wrote and she wrote her little heart out, but nothing happened.

Then one day, during one of our Skype sessions, she asked, “How do you get so many, blog readers?” And my simple answer was, “Twitter.” Whenever I have a new blog post, I tweet it out at least three times a day (in order to catch people in various time zones). By the following week, Liz created a Twitter account and had her first comment. It’s been over a year now and Liz’s blog is a hot mommy blog with tales of living overseas along with fabulous recipes made with fresh fruit she picks herself, and her comments section–it’s better than mine!

And as for me, how have Twitter created opportunities? A literal agent who was tweeting away found herself onto my Twitter stream and which intrigued her and prompted her to start reading my blog. After reading it for a few months–with me totally unaware–she reached out to and signed me on to her literary agency and now I’m working on my first book. And I also just had a meeting with producers for a reality show, which they considered after they saw my tweets for a YouTube video on mouth-to-penis therapy that I did. All I can say is, “tweet, tweet, tweet” in good health.