Operators From Rainbow Six


One of the popular operators from the game Rainbow Six is Hibana. It is considered as a fast-moving operator that has little armor. Technically speaking, skilled players can use this operator in order to run through the game’s map and at the same time, peek into enemy held positions. One of the best things about this operator is that he has thermite launcher that can melt through almost anything nearby. Hibana is also considered as one of the surprising operators in the game. She can blast holes that are difficulty to walk through.


Pulse is another operator in the game and he is like an FBI agent in the game. This hero usually comes with standard American Gear and he has a balanced trait. He also has a heartbeat sensor that has the ability to detect anyone through the walls. Should this operator existed in real life, the real military may not want to consider jumping into ambush. Just like the other operators in the game, Pulse is one of the highly used hero because of his unique abilities. He can easily alert other teammates in the game whenever enemy is coming in.


IQ is another great operator in the game. Despite the fact that this heor doesn’t have any real armor with her, she has some gadgets that can help her to be great in the game. Just like Pulse, IQ has a sensor as well. However, her sensor focuses more on explosives, detects and traps. If the abilities and technologies that IQ use are in reality, surely, it could be very useful when clearing houses in Afghanistan and Iraq. Surely, this job would be easier and would be completed efficiently. IQ is one of the best operators in the game.


When it comes to the operator that has a huge character in the game, Tachanka is certainly the best hero to consider. This is a Russian version of the Mountain and he carries a RP-64 Degtyaryov machine gun. This operator has also shielded that allow him to be protected from the attack of the enemies. One of the best abilities of Tachanka is that he can place his BFG onto the ground. Hence, anyone can defend and run up. If this operator exists in real life, surely, he would have been put into the squad Wishlist and will be very helpful in different military operations.


Last but not the least, Caviera is another great operator in the game. She is known as the silent assassin in the game and she has 2 abilities. The first one is that she can sneak across the map quietly and the second one is that she can interrogate the enemy into giving up the locations of everyone in the team which can be very helpful in being successful in the game.

Knowing the skills and abilities of the operators in Rainbow Six in the game is like knowing some r6 hacks. It will give you an advantage and turn the game into your favor.

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