Obesity’s Hidden Triggers: Discover Secrets to Permanent Weight Loss

Secrets to and Science of Permanent Weight Loss

Permanent weight loss has become a science that, if learned and practiced, will net the results you’re striving to reach. So far, we’ve learned a few things about ourselves, examined some personal issues, learned about leptoconnect, and made some life-changing decisions.

All of that is good but what we haven’t looked at yet is the fact that there are several more secrets to permanent weight loss that some may not be aware of. These have to do with both our own eating triggers and the food we eat.

Confused? I was too but let me explain. You see, even though we’ve talked extensively about emotional eating triggers I discovered that there are a few more eating triggers that work against us when we’re attempting to lose weight. I was surprised and shocked but after I thought about it, it made sense.

More Telling Triggers

Learning about these additional eating triggers broadened my knowledge and thinking about eating addictions. For those of you who were protesting that “one size does not fit all”, you were absolutely right.

What I’ve learned is that there are five (5) identified types of eating triggers that trip us up. These include:

1) Social

2) Emotional

3) Situational


5) Physiological

I won’t take time here to explain to them but I do invite you to read Weight Loss: Emotional Eating. You’ll find some sound advice on what to do to conquer and eliminate this condition (enemy if you will). Dr. Tim Wright at Self-Help Authority offers more information in his article entitled Eating Triggers That Are Keeping Us Fat.

Best Secret of All

One of the best secrets to achieving success with any endeavor is to:

1) Recognize the need for a change;

2) Learn all you can about your challenge and the options available to you;

3) Make an informed decision;

4) Get professional help if needed (whether that be from your medical doctor, fitness trainer, therapist, psychologist, pastor, family, friends, or any combination of those mentioned).

You don’t have to go it alone and you shouldn’t.

Be Practical – Seek Professional Guidance

By the way, it is important to stress here that this article or others like it written by me or anyone else should not be a substitute for your personal physician’s care. Whenever seeking to change your lifestyle, eating and exercise habits, or any and all other decisions regarding your health, it is an absolute must that you seek the advice, remain under the care, and follow the advice of your doctor.

That being said, I have been fortunate to discover yet more secrets that work against achieving permanent weight loss. I was somewhat skeptical until I began to hear more about these from Dr. Oz on his television program and Dr. Andrew Weil of Weil Andrew Weil, M.D.TM, Your Trusted Health advisor. In an article entitled What’s Really Making You Fat?, Dr. Weil reveals another hidden culprit to keeping us fat. Likewise, Dr. Oz reveals how “ghrelin” and “leptin” are keeping us obese as well. What are they? Find out from Dr. Oz on his website, The Doctor Oz Show.

Whatever you do, I hope that this series of articles is encouraging you, more than anything else, to take charge of your health. Become educated on what is available to help you shed unwanted pounds and keep them off permanently. Then, decide to seek your doctor’s care and advice as you journey toward your weight loss goal.

Permanent Weight Loss – Making it Fun!

We’ve talked about a lot of things in these five articles. Some have been encouraging, revealing, hopeful, and even shocking. The one thing I’d like your weight loss journey to be is fun. So, next time we meet I will share some things I hope you will find enjoyable and downright fun.

In the meantime, stay encouraged and ready to follow through on your weight loss goals. You deserve to be the best you can be.

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