Necessity For Arbitrary Legalization Of Property Or Real Estate 

Constructing buildings, buying lands, and other properties from real estate have become a common aspect among the people. Legal laws are enforced to prevent any arbitrary actions on the properties. When selling or handing over the ownership to another person, several legal documents are necessary. They will be verified for its correctness to ensure it complies with the legal laws. The competent services are responsible for investigating the arbitrariness of any property. If anything is found arbitrary, then it is liable to a fine that the owner should pay according to law. Though νομιμοποίηση αυθαιρέτων is not mandatory, it can save the person from paying fines. 

The requirements for arbitrary legalizations

For any legal proceeding, the necessary documents should be produced to the authorities for a seamless process. Here are the necessities for arbitrary legalizations:

  1. Permit officer of the building.
  2. Plans that are considered.
  3. Titles of properties.
  4. Documents concerning previous arrangements.

Ensuring these are available cannot create any hinders in the proceedings. 

Why can legalization be beneficial?

When transferring the authority to another owner, then legalization plays a crucial role. It is essential that when performing this process, the property is free of arbitrariness which cuts down any penalties for arbitrary use or construction. Laws are available to enforce any penalties for such acts. People are not aware of the benefits of legalizing the properties, and therefore knowing why is a critical factor.

Performing a transfer of property either for sale, rent, or living donation comes with legal proceedings. The legal deed obtained should be a responsible statement or a certificate by the engineer and the owner mentioning that the property is free of any arbitrations. It means that no construction is arbitrary in the property to ensure it is free of any penalties according to the law. 

Permit for construction works

Construction is happening everywhere due to the increase in the requirement among the people both in professional and personal uses. Some dream of building their own house to lead a happy life with the family, and others require building commercial constructions. In such cases, getting a building permit is crucial, which ensures there are no arbitrary constructions. 

The permit is offered in case of arbitrary-free construction and has the property on the safer side. Also, getting building permits ensures safety and protection for the property that one constructs. Heading towards long-time goals in construction works is possible only by having permits for buildings. If any legal authorities investigate the property, having a building permit with no arbitrary constructions can save the property from getting ceased.

Without a permit, one might need to pay double charges for constructing a building or a house in that land. Saving more expenditures is feasible only via νομιμοποίηση αυθαιρέτων that protects even small families from incurring costs. Also, it is like a certificate to confirm that the building project complies with the standards and local laws for using the land. With the ownership and arbitrary legalization, it is simple to get permits for buildings from authorities. 

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