Miroslav Vyboh, A Person With Extreme Productivity

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Today, the well-known international businessman Miroslav Vyboh is such a name that has caught everyone’s attention outputting his wide range of activities and dynamic work ethics in diverse fields. From political to social, educational to cultural, scientific to economic, he has the signature of many undeniable and outstanding contributions.

No Finish Line: 

His multifaceted activities have benefited different business companies and governmental organizations in different ways for almost four decades.  Most recently, his No Finish Line project will pave the way for the development of children and various NGOs worldwide. Its main purpose is to protect the rights of children and to provide adequate funding to keep their developmental work intact. Now this great project has set a new horizon in the world of charity projects.


In the year 2018, Miroslav Vyboh started his own new company Middlecap. The company is a Luxembourg-based capital investment and financial consulting company whose roots are spread throughout the whole UK with offices in London, Bratislava, Monaco, Berlin Prague, and Dubai.


Also, as the CEO, he is now serving UK through his present company Mayfair Assets Ltd. Mayfair is a London-based businesses advisory organization for higher net worth clients to manage their strategic global assets.


Once upon a time, he remained the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ‘Willing’ for 17 years from 1994 to 2011. Willing is a defense article maintenance and worldwide supplier. Once it worked on MiG-29 helicopter repairing as state order.

Honorary Consul: 

Moreover, Miroslav now chaired as the Honorary Consul of the Principality of Monaco after the Consulate of the Principality of Monaco in Slovak Republic had been established in 2013.

And, at last, the post will possibly be incomplete unless the following news is told. Miroslav Vyboh became the Europe series Ferrari Challenge champion2020, representing Slovakia.

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