Massage for our pets

Drugs are not only solve problems that affect the physical and psychological wellbeing of people and animals, as there are additional alternatives such as massage, a therapy that will help our best friends to feel better. 

Massages can be based on the pressure in the friction in the slide, etc.. From the hand or fingers over his body. May be particularly useful in rehabilitation programs bone, muscle or joint, if they are made by expert hands. 

The power of instinct 

The first massage is instinctive because they start with the mother licks her pups clean, and encourage them to convey security. When our pet wakes scrub is the eyes, which not only helps to remove secretions accumulated during sleep but also to increase blood flow to see better. When rubbed against the surfaces may be trying to placate a localized pruritus, but also may be their intention to tighten your muscles to prepare for daily activity. 

There is evidence that the massage acts on the nervous and endocrine system and may be beneficial for the immune defense system of the body. Humans also have this instinct: we rubbed our hands, we massaged sore areas, and so on. The development of that natural instinct has led to the development of different forms of massage that we know today. 

A long evolution 

In classical Greece and the massage was done and recommended to improve circulation and promote longevity. However, culture is the true referent china for millennia. In fact, there is currently a professor in the Imperial Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine where he studied massage officially applied to different animal species. According to experts East, our friends respond to stimuli from three to five times faster than we do. 

These techniques can be applied to dogs, cats and even horses. Today, there are techniques for training horses that are complemented with massage techniques, inheritance of certain indigenous cultures practiced a long time to tame the foal. Bedouins did something similar in Africa and then, in our time, many professionals that get that energy to flow more freely. We must remember that animals have less psychological blockages, hence the good results. It is also advisable to give them products that would help them to have a healthy mind considering that it is approved and recommended by the vet. You can check this site for more information:

The passages are called, as its name implies, move the fingertips very lightly over the skin, following the direction of neural networks, increasing or decreasing the speed according to the effect that we want to produce. Thus, improve lymphatic circulation within the meaning of operation, achieving a soothing effect. Can be used in sensitive areas such as the clavicle bone, sternum and ribs, as well as the pubis, the umbilicus, the palms of the hands and spine. 

The crush and push is accomplished by supporting the inner edge of the hand or fingers over the area chosen. We can move vertically in the hand when we want to massage her back, chest and abdomen. For the head and neck movements employ push aside the circular for the abdomen and sides. 

Applicable to multiple areas 

For punching and pressing is used in preference fingertip and thumb pressure. Also used the reflex, although in these cases is pressed on the reflex areas, never directly into the affected area. When it acts directly on a painful part is to be taken not to accentuate the pain. The best are the buttocks, feet, neck, head and back. 

To pressure and friction using the palm, heel of the hand or the tip of the finger, and can be applied to any part of the body. It helps to remove blood congestion and edema, particularly those involved with the movement of return. It also reduces adhesions in the tissue surface. 

All these recommendations can be practiced at home with complete peace of mind. In the case of dogs, the best time to do this is after a long walk, setting a fixed schedule after the walks. Our pets will feel relieved, grateful and well loved. Massages conceived as a system of communication that helps to strengthen ties with our pet. Understood as a method of healing, it is advisable to go to specialists.

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