Long Distance Relationships – Tips to Save and Make it Work

One common thing we all get to hear about long distance relationships is that – “they are not gonna work at all” or “they don’t work for long”, but this is not true in every case. The relations which has no trust, love, care and understanding will break one day whether it is long distance or not. The strength of a relationship can’t be dependent of distance between the two, if the relation has that bond then it will survive.

Why you think that long distance relationships are a bad idea? Look at its positive sides as well, if not then find some. Have you ever heard that “Distance Increases Love”, up to some extent it is true, the urge people develop for meeting their partner when far away is the feeling which makes the bond strong and even stronger.

These extra distances make small moments also so important that you wish you could have those moments captured for forever like holding each others hand, playing with their hairs, a walk together, these small things then matter so much.

It may be tough but it is not a rocket science or a tech stuff that everybody can’t do, it is just a matter of understanding and love. Below we will provide you some effective ways and tips that can save and make your long distance relationships work. Any person is in the relation and wants to read the text messages, and then the use of https://securityonline.info/how-to-read-someones-text-messages-without-software/ is done. The working of the long distance relationship is great with the benefits of the application. There is no rocket science but the use of the correct information is required to get the right results.  

The very first thing that you need to do is having trust in your partner. One of the most common thinking that people develops in long distance relationships is that their partner may cheat them if far away. I mean, Oh come on, is your relation that much weak that a selfie of your partner with his/her friend of opposite sex even can break it ?

If he/she says that he/she is just a friend then you have to believe them, you have to keep a decent faith in your partner. I am sorry but if your relation lacks this trust then its definitely not gonna work whether it is long distance or not. First of all throw all the doubts out of your mind and even if you feel something wrong then talk about it calmly with your partner.

Getting over sticky is quite irritating. Calling him/her again and again after every 2 minutes will definitely irritate her and make him/her irate. Who says that you have to talk to her/him half a day ? Don’t be over at anything. Loving day and night is not possible for anyone. Don’t let yourself get exhausted and take out time for other activities as well.

Don’t let your love feel that you have forgotten him/her. That would be one of the worst things. Communicate with each other regularly like sending lovely “Good morning” and Good Night” texts with emoticons like that of kiss and hearts. Send your latest pictures you have just clicked to each other, leave nice and short audio clips for each other, this will make your partner feel that you both are still attached. With chatting apps like Whatsapp, it has become somewhat easy to convey emotions on text messages by sending emoticons and smiley.

Would you like to see your partner going on a late night rave party with his/her friends for drinks ? If your answer if a BIG NO, then apply it on yourself as well, because perchance your partner would also hate it. If you know that something really displeases your love, then either don’t do it or inform them before doing it.

One of the most common thing that every person does not want that their better half should not do it is hanging out with a guy or girl from their past or the one who flirts with them a lot. Try to avoid this dangerous situation and remember one thing that your love matters more than these temporary people in your life.

It’s a scientifically proven fact that sex is good for physical health and as well as emotional health which keeps a relation bounded with love and attraction. Often send some texts which shows sexual desires, tease them and keep that fire burning. Late night dirty chats also do pretty well.

6.) Don’t Ignore Them For New Friends :-

This tip is for those who go out of their hometowns for higher studies or work purposes. Definitely you are gonna meet some new people there, some guys and some girls. Some may attract you also towards them but don’t go out of the way and don’t forget that you have someone who loves you more than them.

You will make friends there but neither hide them from your partner nor ignore him/her for new friends else it is going to be the thing which may create disturbance in your relationship.

One of the cons of long distance relationships is that people sometime develop a strong urge to meet their lover, which needs to be taken care of. For this purpose you may plan a date together, or a hang out together. You may visit their place or call them to yours so that you can spend some time together, have a lovely walk, watch a movie together, roam around and enjoy each others company. You will hug, kiss each other, although hugging and kissing are very common for couples but for couples in long distances relationships, these are way more than that.

8.) Assure Yourself Of Your Relation :-

Keep one thing in mind that where you want to see this relation. For sure, you cannot stay in long distance relationships forever, you have to settle down one day. Don’t go away from commitments, if you truly love your partner then say it and make it a goal in you mind. Talk about your future with each other, decide it now calmly.

We can’t go away from the fact that we all want some space. No one likes interruption in every second thing they do. We all have our friends, our families and our work to do, allow each other to handle them too and maintain his/her life properly, don’t decide on their behalf, advice them but don’t put your decisions forcefully on them.

No matter how many messaging apps are there and how many texts you receive from your lover, that smile will always be different if you are reading their hand written love letter. Isn’t it ? 😉 . Prepare a card for them, or write a 2 page letter, if you can’t send those things to them then no problem, hand it over to your partner when he/she meets you but tell them to see it when they go back to their place. Trust me when they will leave to their home and then see that hand made gift, their heart will be surely filled with love for you only.

Like I said in the first point – Have Trust. Beside this please be honest with your partners, if there is something wrong then tell them frankly. Do not cheat at all or else you will lose the person who perhaps loves you the most. Talk about your jealousy, insecurities, fear etc openly. Don’t keep it in your mind and heart, say it.

Looking at your partners face feels so good after a long time, if you can’t visit then physically then use the technology, video call them. Use video calling software like Skype, Viber or any other you like.

These small things if taken care of can make your long distances relationships work better than others. Like it is said “When you are in love then age, weight, height, distance are just numbers”. Wanna have some fun ? Visit our free Love Calculator and we hope we have given you the best proven and effective tips to make your long distance relationships work.

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