Learn How To Kill Sanitar In Escape From Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov has taken the gaming world by storm as it is based on the action RPG genre. It is a realistic and hardcore first-person shooter video game that borrows the elements of MMO games. When you start playing this game, you might find the controls and interface a bit confusing. Make sure you are getting help from online guides and tutorials to know everything about the game. With the help of guides, you can also learn the art of playing the game with perfection. 

In order to do practice, players also have an option to play with bots for which they need to enable the offline mode. Well, there are many quests and challenges where you can get the trader options. With the help of this, you can explore everything and make your game experience interesting. 

Tips and strategies to kill sanitar 

The developer of Escape from Tarkov is adding new features and updates to the game for making it more addictive. Developers also add a new boss for shoreline and new stash in the labs.

Well, the sanitar is roaming the map with his minion to make it hard for players to loot the resort. If you are new to Escape from Tarkov, you need to learn how to defeat sanitar and his cronies. Here we are going to mention some useful tips and strategies – 

  • It is important for players to consider a good combat strategy in order to kill sanitary. They should throw some specific grenades and try to shoot headshots. Players need to pay appropriate attention while trying to kill sanitar as he has minions. 
  • You should hit him as hard as possible as he requires a high amount of health to heal. You should always go for continuous headshots. Make sure it doesn’t escape to heal itself with the health kits. 
  • While battling against sanitary, you should try to push this boss to a wide place. It helps you to get more opportunities to fight as compared to the closed spaces. Keep on trying to eliminate them by hitting their heads. 
  • As sanitar and his minions are roaming the resort’s ground floor, you can easily catch them in enclosed spaces. Well, these spaces are considered prime targets for grenades. Keep an eye on them and wait for them to enter a room. 

With the help of taking all these tips and tricks into consideration, you can easily kill sanitary as well as his minions. It is also good to make a good strategy to fight against them in order to make the most out of the game. 

Bonus tips 

In order to be a pro player, you need to create a good strategy and implement the same while playing the game. Never forget to buy escape from tarkov money as it helps to get the most basic weapons and level up your character. Make sure you are spending the currency in the right way to avoid future issues. 

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