Korean Style Clothing- Fashion Statement For Young Turks

We the people are pretty high headed individuals where you have great pride in the culture and ethics of your country and that’s saying something given the patriotic fervor that most democratic countries are going through while the ones that say something against is are classified as anti-nationals for both good and bad reasons.

This article is going to be an interesting read for people that are fashion icons and would do anything to have a nice change in their outlook through clothes but today you can find people being attracted to fashion statements followed in other countries while they are losing out on their own culture.

Today we are going to talk about South Korean dressing sense that some people have the audacity to ridicule national culture just to keep themselves in the limelight or because they cannot fathom anything other than their own wildly endeavors that they pass off as culture.

Starting Up

What can one say about fashion statement that has not been said about innumerable times? South Korea for one has a long history to its name when both North and South Korea was one to comprise of Korea before it was partitioned to separate the nation into separate entities.

South Korean films are slowly gaining momentum where even the likes of Hollywood are acknowledging its talent by remaking its movies, which is obvious as imitation is the best form of flattery.

Similarly, South Korean clothes too are gaining popularity worldwide among the different Asian nations especially India where North eastern states are adapting to its culture as they find their dressing sense similar to what they are used to.

Hanbok is a popular two piece dress that immediately comes to mind where you can get accustomed to the style prevalent in South Korea that is also lapped up by the film stars over there.

It is extremely popular for festive occasions where you can find men and women wearing this dress in different colors so that other people also emulate this style but when it comes to outsiders, they aren’t familiar with how to wear it and we are going to see how things are done.

It is similar to wearing a simple t-shirt where you simply have to button up from top to bottom in a similar style to an Indian Sherwani where it closely resembles the Nehruvian jacket prevalent in Asia and the United Kingdom.


The ripped up jeans too have been a craze among Korean folks as they are suckers for denim wear in a similar fashion to Europe and North America as the tattered look gives them a modern day look so deeply rooted with fashion statements from the western world.

During summer season, ladies are fond of wearing a dress over blouse because they don’t expose their chest and shoulders as the westerners do because they are true to their culture as they despise exposing too much in general public, which is something western folks can learn from and change the less savory aspects of their dressing sense and culture.

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