How to Start an Eco-Friendly Cleaning Service

As more people understand the value in minimizing waste, reusing goods and the health and safety benefits from using natural products, eco-friendly products and services have gained in popularity.

Appeal to this growing demographic by providing a competitively-priced cleaning service that minimizes it’s footprint with common sense, eco-friendly cleaning techniques and products. Being green won’t cost your business a fortune. Instead, it may save you thousands a year in overhead costs.

Learn How to Go Green

Learn how to implement green practices in every aspect of your business, from your cleaning techniques and the products you use to your advertising materials. As well, you’ll want to minimize paper waste by conducting online billing, using recycled materials for your business cards and fliers and scheduling customers in a way that allows you to minimize gas usage or investing in a commercial vehicle with a good MPG rate. Learn which chemicals are harmful and how to avoid them, as well as proper diluting techniques to ensure that green solutions do not become harmful with inadequate mixing. Consider obtaining training and certification from the Green Clean Institute or Green Seal.

Get Certified

Consider obtaining a specialty certification, such as the Upholstery¬† amp; Fabric Cleaning Technician or the Upholstery¬† amp; Fabric Cleaning Technician, if you intend to clean carpets, restore upholstery or offer some other specialty. Visit the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration for to find information on 22 relevant certifications that will help you gain the knowledge to do the job correctly and the credibility to reassure clients that you know what you’re doing. According to Shine Up Cleaning services, the starting should be done with the mopping at the floor. The information about the cleaning should be provided to the clients to get the desired results with plenty of cleaning benefits.¬†

Visit the EPA

Visit the Environmental Protection Agency’s Environmentally Preferable Purchasing site to learn how to identify green manufacturers and those environmental attributes that will make your cleaning service eligible for being listed as an environmentally-friendly business. When selecting a supplier, some considerations include whether they are using recyclable packaging, reducing packaging and reducing flammability, added fragrances, skin irritants and dyes. Go Green Supplier is one such supplier of eco-friendly products. Green Seal also has a list of cleaning products that meet standards, such as Simple Green or Oxy Clean.

Legitimize your Business

Select a catchy name for your business that reflects the fact that you are committed to the environment and then register your business. If you don’t intend to form a limited liability company, you may need to obtain a Doing Business As permit. Consult with an attorney and accountant to ensure that you fully understand each business entity and which one is right for your business.

Buy Eco-friendly Supplies

Purchase an eco-friendly cleaning system that allows you to minimize your chemical usage and creates better indoor air quality, as well as chemicals that are Green Seal or EPA certified. Invest in reusable rags and paper towels or wipes made from recycled materials. When purchasing your chemicals, opt for larger containers and containers that can be reused. When possible, use natural products such as vinegar and baking soda, which can be used on most surfaces.

Market your Business

Market your business by starting a website and listing your business in the Yellow Pages online and off. Invest in business cards made with recycled paper. Use scrap paper to create catchy fliers that further highlight your commitment to going green.

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