How to See Hidden Likes on Instagram? – Some Major Steps

Instagram includes wonderful features, and one of the most attractive features of Instagram is that it helps people hide their likes. Many people consider knowing how to see the hidden likes so that they can get to know about the actual reputation of the particular profile. Usually, people don’t know how to use various Instagram features, but once they learned about all of them, it will be easy for them to have a significant impact on their Instagram usage. Once people learned about all the major aspects of Instagram, it will be easy for them to check the hidden likes of various profiles. 

Some specific steps can help people see the hidden likes and also helps them to grab instant instagram likes if they follow them properly. Different people use different ways for running their online social media accounts and accordingly consider setting the privacy. Privacy plays a major role in various social media platforms, and different people consider different privacies according to their preferences. If you want to learn about the major steps for seeing the hidden likes on Instagram, stay connected and consider the following points. 

Steps to See Hidden Followers

  1. The first and the major step to seeing hidden likes on your Instagram account is to open your Instagram app, from where you will start the process properly. 
  2. After opening the Instagram app, you have to sign in if you haven’t signed it yet to proceed to the further steps you want to follow. 
  3. After signing in to your Instagram account, you have to click on the profile photo to see your profile. 
  4. Then you have to click on the three-line menu button from where you will get multiple options for changing the various aspects of your profile. 
  5. After selecting the menu button, you have to click on the Settings option, where you will receive further options for making various changes. 
  6. Then you have to click on the privacy button and then click on the post button to move to the last and the final step. 
  7. Finally, you have to toggle on the hide like and view the counts’ option to see the hidden likes on your Instagram profile. 

These are some specific steps that you need to follow to see the hidden likes on your Instagram profile. Once you understand these steps, it will be easy for you to see the hidden likes, which will motivate you to post more effective posts in the coming future. In addition, hidden likes play a major role in providing a great confidence level in you as it helps you grab better outcomes.


When you complete reading the mentioned steps, it will help you enhance your knowledge of how to see the hidden likes in your Instagram profile. Once you learn about the major steps, it will be easy for you to check your hidden likes and get the motivation to post better posts in your coming future. Therefore, try to stay focused so that you can grab better results after seeing hidden likes. 

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