How To Make Your Workouts More Intense So You Can Burn More Fat

As one grows older, one gets used to the way he or she looks and develops a comfort zone. By staying within this comfort zone and never venturing to get the look you want, you’re never going to achieve it. This is because the body adapts very easily and will never change unless it has a powerful reason to do so. However, if you do want to, here are some sure shot ways of intensifying your workout so that you actually do burn fat.

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Before you work out, eat: Eat a very small meal which has slow-to-digest carbohydrates. This will help you exercise for much longer.

Have longer rest periods between body workouts: Since the body’s ability to recover and repair is limited, you should allow it to recover fully before you push hard for the next workout. If you increase your rest intervals between two workouts, you will see better results.

Alter your workout:

If you never change your exercises, your body will adapt to it very soon and will stop burning calories. So, you need to vary your exercises in terms of the order, duration and frequency, particularly when doing cardiovascular exercises or weights.

Use your nose to breathe:

Inhale and exhale only with your nose while exercising, not your mouth. This will increase your endurance and stabilize your heart rate, resulting in increased stamina.

Increase your cardio workout for over 30 minutes:

Do cardiovascular exercise for a long duration and of moderate intensity to burn more fat. You can walk or use a stationary cycle for about 45 minutes a day. You can also do some high-intensity cardiovascular exercises for about 20 minutes in order to increase your endurance and stamina.

Add exercises to make supersets:

A superset comprises two consecutive exercises with no rest period between them. This increases the workload and the muscle mass that’s been activated. Both of these will help burn extra fat.

Lift weights:

Without lifting weights, you will not achieve your goal of burning more fat faster. Begin slowly and increase the weight that you carry. By using dumbbells and resistance machines, your muscles are strengthened and toned. Together, they make you burn more calories. Even if you are female, you needn’t worry about looking like a bodybuilder male because you lift weights. That look is achieved after a long period of dedication to develop one’s body.

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