How to Get Google Play Music on Your Phone

Google Play Music is the company’s primary music streaming service (for the time being; Google aims to replace it with YouTube Music in the future). It’s a flexible service that, like Pandora, allows you to upload and stream your own music library as well as listen to artist-themed radio stations. And, similar to Spotify, if you pay to subscribe, you can play select tunes. As long as you’re logged into Google Play Songs with your Google account, you may also download music to your phone or computer for offline listening. Those tracks will be deleted from the device if you log out.

Tap on the three horizontal lines in the upper left to see which albums you’ve stored locally through the Google Play Music app, then scroll down to Downloaded exclusively and move the toggle to the On position. If you want to download all of the music you own on Play Music, including everything you’ve ever submitted and purchased? Clearly, the approach we just described isn’t appropriate. It would take an eternity to download each album and playlist separately, and that’s before you consider the possibility of overlooking some of the files.

Unlike download lagu, there is no easy “Download All” button in the Google Play Music app. You’ll have to go back to the web app and use a workaround instead. Play Music is an online program that may be found at The fix entails making 1,000-song playlists in batches. Regrettably, Play Music does not allow for multi-track playlists. To create a new playlist in the Play Music web app, go to Music Library > Playlists, then select the huge Plus icon from the three horizontal lines in the top right-hand corner. Give your playlist a name (such as “Temporary 1”) and a description, if desired.

While Google Play Music Manager was formerly the sole option to get your music into or out of Google Play Music’s music locker service, it still works well and, more significantly, runs in the side, so you don’t have to look at it all the time. Music Manager is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and various Linux variants; in fact, it’s compatible with almost every major laptop/desktop OS out today, with the exception of Chromebooks.  Drag the first 1,000 tracks from your library into the list, then do it again. Don’t worry about mixing artists and genres; when the files appear on your phone, they won’t be linked to the playlist. Return to the Android app and repeat the download process outlined earlier once you’ve gotten all of your songs into playlists.

You’ve just downloaded a backup of all of your music to your Android device. But what comes after that? Unfortunately, the Google Play Music app is the only way to listen to music. This is inconvenient for Android users who prefer more feature-rich music players. However, without a rooted phone, you won’t be able to access the original MP3 files. Many people are ruled out as a result of this. If you have a rooted device, navigate to Data > > Files on the storage of your device.A

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