How to Create a Successful Website

If you are trying to make money online your best bet is to create a website and have good promotion. If you don’t have good promotion nobody will see your site and be able to buy anything. You need to be on the first page of popular search engine the most important being Yahoo. I have been through several companies and the best promotion I have found is Yahoo Sponsored Search. You bet a certain amount per click you get to your site. You can bet $.10 per click. Just remember to read all fine print because these people might not actually buy your things. It’s the best search optimization site i’ve seen. You can easily see your page on the first page of search results based on the seach terms you use. You will want to use good key words. If you have a website which sells clocks for example, you will have a lot of competition to get the best search result under “clocks”. This means you will have to over bid them on price, and these people are usually stores which can afford to pay thousands of dollars towards optimization.

I would highly recommend creating your business as an Ebay store. You will not have to pay for people to see your site because you’re listings show up on ebay. People can see your store and look at each item. You wont have to buy a domain name. It’s very easy to create your own store and you can list each item on your store and track everything. You can click on manage my store once you have chosen to build your store. The basic store costs $15.95 a month. There’s another version which is about $20.00 more. The next version is around $400.00 per month. With a basic store you can customize your pages and add pictures of items. You only get 5 pages and 3 pictures per page with basic. If you have a lot of items you wont want an ebay store. You might think of just listing all items on ebay and not have to buy promotion for your site. Targeted and untargeted traffic does not work. I have gotten thousands of page views per day and never made a single penny. It’s a waste of your time and I wouldn’t go this route.

I also take care to go through FKC Concept online where there are many helpful tips on how to keep websites of disrepute at bay as they are looking out for victims that they can swindle easily and earn some quick bucks at their expense but eBay isn’t a bad option if you look at it in the true sense.

You can create your own website through hundreds of places. I made a website through It’s very easy to build a site and get around. They have a lot of nice designs and templates to choose from. Ebay only has about 7 choices to choose from for templates. It’s definately not as nice as your own website could be- but you’ve getting a lot of page views anyways. No matter what you do remember to put a counter on your site to track traffic. Also make sure the website offers a shopping cart feature. You could use paypal- and accept credit cards, e checks and bank account transfers. It’s a really nice feature but there are small fees involved.

Make sure to pick a good title when you choose a website. You need a website that offers a free domain included with a web site building tool. You will watch to get them together or else you will have to transfer your domain to your website which can be quite difficult because I couldn’t figure it out and I’m pretty good with computers. Make sure to look through examples and templates so you know what you can put on your site and this way you will get some ideas of items to put on your website. You can add a shopping cart feature, a counter, a poll, a guestbook, newsletter and featured items. There are different items to choose from on each website. You will need to buy the website builder and domain all in one. The website includes all of this. It’s very easy to follow the steps to create a website. Just follow each step and read all the fine print. You will most likely be charged a fee per month.

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