How To Choose A Graphics Or Drawing Tablet – Useful Tips For Beginners.

Art isn’t just about pen and paper anymore

There was a time when an artist could not even think of working without having a kit of art supplies. No matter where they went and what they did, ultimately, they had to carry all of their art supplies such as papers, Paints, pens and pencils, and other such things. In earlier times, no one could have thought that art could be created without even using paints and brushes. But today, technology and automation have made this possible. And that is why graphic or drawing tablets are one of the most preferred smart gadgets of modern artists.

According to research, a large number of customers in the tablet market today are digital artists and graphic designers. The only problem as to why some of the artists still choose the pen and paper method of drawing is the overwhelming number of tablets that are present in the market. You have a lot of options to choose from and that is why you don’t know which is the best one. So, if you are one of those artists then we have brought to you a list of some essential tips that will definitely help you choose the best Android tablet for photo editing, graphic designing, and drawing.

Essential tips for buying a drawing tablet

Although there are a lot of factors that impact the overall functionality of the drawing tablet, we have sorted out some of the most important and crucial features that you must look for if you are planning to buy a drawing tablet or you are looking for the best Android tablet for photo editing, graphic designing, and other such digital artistic needs.

Pressure sensitivity

Did you know that the input that is given to a drawing tablet is sent via a pad that is pressure-sensitive? That is why pressure sensitivity is one of the most prominent features of the drawing tablets. The greater the sensitivity, the better is the final illustration outcome. This would enhance the overall look of the arts and drawings that you create and will also help you to create them in a smooth manner.

The general range for pressure sensitivity in the drawing tablets is between 300 to 3000 pressure sensitivity levels.

Your tablet should be able to take the correct input from the stylus so as to produce a better result. You should always choose those tablets that have greater pressure levels so as to make clear distinctions in the thick and thin lines in your drawings and therefore create better quality and clarity drawings.


The second most important feature of all drawing tablet is the size of the tablet. The following two size-related factors must be considered if you are trying to buy the best Android tablet for photo editing: –

  • What is the overall size of the tablet?
  • What is the screen size area that is available for or drawing?
  • The area that is available for drawing is called the active area. It is recommended to buy a tablet that has a larger active area has to give you the most space for the creation of your drawings.

Additional tip

If you like to carry your tablet with you while traveling and going out of the house then you can consider buying a small-sized tablet because it is more efficient for the purpose of being carried around.


Just as the name suggests, it is the ability of the tablet to respond to the input that you are providing it. Simply put, responsiveness can be called the speed at which anything that you draw on the tablet appears on the screen.

The higher the responsiveness, the better is the tablet for drawing purposes.

A good Android drawing tablet is able to provide an instantaneous outcome of the input that is given to it. Responsiveness largely depends on the software on which the tablet runs and the RAM that it has.


The next thing is the resolution. It refers to lines per inch and is shortly called LPI in the smartphone and gadgets world.

LPI is important for drawing tablets because the higher is the LPI of your tablet, the more details you can add to your drawings on it.

Tablets that have a bigger size will consequently have a larger and better resolution, thus improving the quality of your drawings that you create on it.

Stylus type

The stylus is a pen-like device that you use for the purpose of drawing on the screen of your tablet. It works on the tablet screen in the same way as a pen would work on paper.

There are different stylus types that come along with different tablets. The type of stylus that you have will directly affect the kind of drawing that you will be able to create.

Types of styluses: –

  • Rechargeable stylus
  • EMR stylus (stylus that works on electromagnetic frequency)
  • Battery-powered stylus

The most important tip for you to choose the best Android tablet for photo editing is that you should always look for a stylus that has a comfortable design so that you can hold it firmly in your hand while making the drawings.

Bottom line

These were a few tips that you must consider before buying the best Android tablet for photo editing, drawing, and graphic designing because the art that you create on your tablet will largely depend on the above-mentioned features. The better they are the better is your artistic work.

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