How To Build Biceps

Every other man in the gym wants to have big biceps. For this very reason, newcomers always first bombing biceps, performing all sorts of exercises. But often, biceps just refuse to grow, what is the reason? So, how to build biceps? This article will help you find the perfect exercise for your biceps!

Initially, let’s briefly go over the structure of the biceps. It has two heads – external (long) and internal (short) beneath them located in the brachialis. Biceps are responsible for elbow flexion, it is their main function in everyday life. In sports, they help in pull-ups and in various kinds of rows, stabilize the barbell at the bench press, and are very important for winning arm wrestling.


The muscle gain in the biceps is probably one of the most popular topics among fans of iron. Probably all young athletes from a childhood dream of having giant biceps. And many of them had no idea how to pump up the biceps, so she finally began to grow. The main reason is genetics. Also among the causes can be the following:

  • Overtraining of arms
  • Ineffective approach to the training process
  • The improper technique of performing exercise
  • The monotony in training

There are many exercises for the biceps, but they can be divided into two types – basic compound movements and isolation exercises. The first – include in work several muscle groups and thus make it possible to work with more weight. Second – create accented load and allow to work out individual tufts of working muscles, which are the perfect complement to the basic exercises.


  • Barbell Curl
  • Dumbbell curl
  • Hammer curl
  • Reverse Pull-Ups


  • Barbell Scott Curl
  • Dumbbell Scott curl
  • Dumbbell concentration curl

The higher the operating weight, the greater the stress for muscles. Good stress to the muscles plus enough time to recover will give the desired volume increase. Therefore, if you want to have big biceps, you should do basic exercises. Always give priority to the barbell curl, as this exercise helps to make your biceps wider, denser, and increase the weight. Importantly, the key in this exercise is not to use the maximum weight, but the ideal performance of the exercise. Isolation exercises are also effective, but they should only be used after the main work in basic exercises.


Often, the barbell curls with a straight bar can because of soreness in the wrists. If this discomfort is present, it is recommended to immediately stop using the straight bar and go to the EZ-bar. Also, in such cases, you can use special bandages for the wrist.

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