How Do You Go Past The First Night And Here’s How You Can Survive It

Despite the game- Minecraft being played by over 100 million people through the long decade of grand success, this game continues to develop at an amazing pace. Meaning a ton of additional people who’re unfamiliar with the survival mechanics of Minecraft coming straight up face-to-face with a dreaded 1st night. 

Thus, here’s presenting a guide with all the handy tips you will be required to conquer on that first night.

How does one prepare for their first night in the game Minecraft?

If you are someone who is a novice to Minecraft, first impressions can be a bit intimidating. With that said, there are some things one might need to at least read before diving in, which are as follows:-

  • The very first thing one needs to do in this game is to make your world of own. 
  • The next stop is a mechanic that makes up half of the game “Minecraft:” crafting. Also, dozens, if not a hundred of the recipes to opt from, all need different placements, ingredients, and more.

How does one survive their first night in Minecraft?

Once the individuals are all relaxing, you’ve got the necessary knowledge you require to start the world; it is time to go and face Minecraft, a game, and the 1st night. The 1st night is tough as you significantly have a day to gather sufficient resources to build the beginner’s shelter; complete with the bed, and equipment you will be required to hunt the prey and then defend from the monsters. 

Unless you’re the accommodating beginning attributes when you created the world, like beginning with the map or with the chest filled with the basic supplies nearby.

Either way, the moment you conquer your 1st night, each night after that’s a slice of cake, besides an exclusive creeper-induced death or the oops-I-fell-from-the-really-high-place moments. So here’s an order in which anybody can tackle goals in the 1st night to set themselves up for long-term prosperity.

Get the very basics out of away

Each person who goes on to play Minecraft will have to carry out that same basic responsibility when they 1st start the game: punch a few trees, expertly go on to shape wood fragments into the portable and functional workbench.

To get going, follow the steps:


  • Once you have spawned into the world, look for the most adjacent tree. You will need the supply of the wood to get advance.
  • Using the bare hands, you need to punch a few trees until they drop logs. 
  • Take the wood logs and then craft the bunch of planks. 
  • Take the planks and quickly turn them into the crafting table.
  • Place a crafting table on the ground and make sure of it to craft a few sticks.
  • Use the sticks to craft the wooden pickaxe alongside the sword. 
  • Please make use of your hands and punch that crafting table till it falls right on the ground. Then pick that up and take it alongside you.



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