Getting Started In Real Estate – Check the steps!!

The other day I was asked, “What are three things you would tell someone that has just started in real estate?”

I think one of the hardest parts for a rookie real estate agent is knowing where to start and what to focus your attention on first.

Each ‘rookie’ agent normally comes into the industry extremely enthusiastic and can often end up running around in circles for the first few weeks or months. Then suddenly, when they have very few results to show from their actions, a lot of extra pressure starts to build up and their job is then on the line.

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Agents who end up at this real estate crossroad will either ‘focus or fold’. And if they fold, then it often means that a potentially great salesperson has left the industry, just at the point where things were about to improve for them.

This turning point is called the Nexus Point. And rather than quit, if you stay the course, you may just find yourself accelerating out the other side into real estate success very quickly.

But, unfortunately most real estate ‘rookies’ don’t understand the Nexus Point Theory and quit just before or right at the Nexus Point, yet success is often just one more step along the path.

Persistence is the key to real estate success. Like in the movie, ‘Field Of Dreams’ you’ve got to “Go The Distance” and remember that “Sometimes when you believe the impossible the incredible comes true”.

Here’s my 3 tips for someone just starting in real estate…

Whilst there are lots of different things that a ‘brand new’ agent will need to focus on, 2 out of my 3 tips are based around what I’ve discovered about embracing real estate technology & using Social Media effectively and all 3 are foundation strategies that if implemented will make your real estate success a whole lot easier moving forward.

  • Underpromise then Overdeliver –

your service to clients and always do what you said you would do. Providing great customer service is the High Ground of our industry & always will be.

  • Leverage Social Media –

to get your profile out there (eg. provide the most amazing level of service that you can to a handful of clients and get them to provide a video testimonial for you, then put it on YouTube to provide social proof that you are a good agent). You should also use Social Media to share local market research so that you can not only be seen as the local expert in your area, but you’ll also get to know pricing within your marketplace a lot quicker.

  • Start Building Your Database –

from Day 1 and never delete an email address unless the client asks to be unsubscribed (even if someone has moved on, you never know which friend they may forward your message onto). Most competitors don’t keep in touch with clients effectively enough. Consistent communication with your database (no matter how small it is initially) helps to build trust & keep you top of mind. It will also help to generate the greatest source of ongoing leads and recommendations for a long time to come.

There are lots of other things a ‘brand new’ agent can do, like goal setting, learning sales process through office induction training, maintain the right attitude and capitalise on your enthusiasm, practice,drill and rehearse scripts & dialogues through role plays, set KPI’s to measure your performance, plan out an ideal week and prospect, prospect, prospect.

To help you get started, here’s a great video I saw the other day from one of the top real estate agents & trainers within the Australian real estate industry, Mat Steinwede.

Mat Steinwede TV Episode 8 – Getting Started from Mat Steinwede on Vimeo.

I’d also like to pose this same question to the Real Estate University readers:- ‘What are three things you would tell someone that has just started in real estate?’

I’d be interested to hear other people’s thoughts or answers to the above question, because wouldn’t it be great if we could compile maybe 5 or 6 key activities for a new agent to focus on that are specifically designed to help them succeed faster.

PS: There are far too many good people leaving our industry, simply because they got off to the wrong start. Please share your ideas so we can endeavour to try to fix this issue for good.


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