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Please, read the fine print before falling into one of these traps. I won’t cite my source on this one, but charging $9.95 shipping & handling on a kit that only contains 1 battery, 1 atomizer , 1 charger, a storage case, collectors gift box, only 5 cartridges & then making you automatically sign up for their service that delivers you 5 more cartridges a month for only $59.95 (+ $9.95 s&h) is a rip-off. Don’t fall for it, please. Another thing, you will not get the equivalent of 200 cigarettes out of 5 cartridges. I fell for that when I 1st started also. It doesn’t work that way. You will save a lot of money over buying tobacco cigarettes, but let’s be real about this.

Look at this from Stormy’s Vapor Cellar in Ga.

Here is a 510 starter kit(great starter kit), it costs $29.99. It comes with 2-Batteries (manual)180mah, 5-510 Tank Cartridges, 2-510 Tank Atomizers, 1-USB line charger, 1-Wall Charger adapter, 1-Instruction manual, & a Gift Box. The ‘tank’ cartridges hold a lot more liquid than a regular cartridge. Also, cartridges are refillable & reusable. The 510 is not the only type of electronic cigarette that they carry, you have options.

Ok, you need the nicotine e-liquid to go with it: Here is 30ml of tobacco flavored e-liquid for $12.99. 30 ml of the liquid will refill those tank cartridges(or regular cartridges) a lot of times. It takes about 9 drops to fill up a regular cartridge. 1ml is equal to about 30 drops. Do the math. Depending on how many packs of tobacco cigarettes you smoke a day, a 30ml bottle of e-liquid should last you around a month. Even if you buy 2, you still haven’t reached the price of 1 carton of tobacco cigarettes or the price that other place wants for 5 cartridges. Another important factor, what if you don’t want a tobacco flavor? This site I’m linking to has flavors like coffee, banana, blueberry, caramel, the list goes on. They also offer 10ml bottles for $4.99. You could get a couple of different flavors & try them out.

Shipping on this order(to the continental US) is $4.00 for 1st class, or if you add another $4.00, you can get priority.

What is the total? $50.98. That is for a starter kit with twice the batteries, a good electronic cigarette, and enough of the e-liquid to last you for around a month. When you run low on the liquid, order another bottle for $12.99. You are not under any contract to buy anything else, it is your choice.

This particular website that I linked to is not the only one out there that won’t try to rip you off, there are many & their links will eventually be added to this site. There are many companies that ensure selling good quality electronic cigarettes but the best one and high-quality ones are sold by Innokin, is recognised as manufacturers of quality vape hardware. They have some of the unique design for the starter kit and lasts for large period. 


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