Ergonomics For Therapists

Today we will have a piece of slight information on ergonomic tips for therapists’ massage and bodyworkers, ergonomic tips for therapists’ massage and bodyworkers simple mean efficient and injury-free tips for massage and bodyworkers. Massage therapy is a profession that has to be carried out physically. Due to this, some sort of strain occurs in therapists due to practicing poor positions or some kind of uncomfortable motion while massaging someone. Ergonomics also teaches us a set of skills that we use in our career, and this might prove to be helpful for long as well as short term problems. So, this is your massage therapy wiki.

Risks involved

As this is a demanding field with a broad range of risk factors affecting one’s physical health, force, awkward postures, mechanical stress, and some others can be the reasons for injuries. Some of these physical factors give long-term problems to one’s life and health. So always go through your massage therapy wiki.

Ergonomic tips 

  • Table height

It is important to ensure that table height is comfortable for you while massaging your customer. For normal therapies, you can have a table till your wrist from the floor, and for therapies involving much force, it is ideal to have it a bit lower than your wrist.

  • Posture

Practice correct postures while massaging, which are like standing on feet with a shoulder wide apart and knees bent a bit. This move helps you to shift your body weight from one leg to another for soft movement. It depends on massage stokers whether your body moved backward and forward or even sideways. Always keep in mind to keep your neck relax and back straight. 

  • Pressure

It is important to apply pressure correctly to be efficient and also be safe from injuries. Your force should originate from your forearms or shoulders and not your fingers. The tactic is that use your body weight more and don’t give strain to your fingers and hands.

  • Rest

It is also important to take proper rest at regular intervals of time. It is ideal for taking at least 15min break between two massage therapies.

  • Try variation

Try not to apply pressure in the same posture for more than 120min. While practicing deep therapies also involves soft ones in the offer to ease your work and rejuvenate your power.

  • Stretching

Stretching can help your muscles get relaxed, stretch your fingers, arms, shoulders, and wrists in your breaks. You should at least stretch twice a day. To keep proper breathing, keep your jaw and neckline in relaxed positions.

  • Motivation

If you keep your clients motivated, it will be easier for you and for them to stay fresh and motivated all the time, so try to project the images of your previous clients with their improvement graph. Even maintain good physical health and gestures to look fit and energetic, keeping your client happy and fresh. Also, keep on motivating clients by putting some positive quotes on the walls of your centers.


It is always known to read about your profession and keep teaching new ideas and tips to work efficiently and happily to make your clients happy. Ergonomics is helpful if we follow the skills and tips.

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