Effective Rodent Control Measures – What Are The Measures?

The best remedy for effective rodent control is taking the appropriate measures as soon as you note the existence of rodents in your home. While there are several types of rodents that some people keep as pets, the same rodents can be a nuisance to other people causing damages to homes and properties. Rodents are disease carriers and some of the diseases like the black plague that killed millions was brought about by rats. Permakill Exterminating will adopt the best measures for the removing of the pests from house. The survey of the place is conducted to adopt the right measure. It will help in creating a pleasant environment at home. The services are the best one for the clients.

Handling a small rodent infestation as soon as it starts will help to eliminate future disasters. You can get rid of rodents using one or more commercial products but the methods employed will differ depending on the size and habits of the rodent. Larger infestation, more so those with larger species such as raccoons might need big measures or be left in the hands of experienced pest control experts.

What many people deem as professional pest extermination can be done using a DIY approach if you know how to execute them. Most other the methods can use organic and chemical free solution, but some cases might need the use of chemicals and other advanced measures. Here are some of the measures you can take to rid your home of rodents.

Rodent Traps

Rodent traps come in different types, sizes, and designs depending on the rodents they trap. The traps are ineffective if they lack baits to lure the rodent into them. However, there are advance traps that lure or repel rodents using ultrasonic technology. The traps offer a humane rodent control option, which is a good choice for people who cannot face killing animals of any kind. As for the bait traps, the baits can be simple foods that the rodents like eating. Lacing the baits with poison to kill the rodent is a viable measure. Alternatively the baits can be normal for the rodents to be trapped and later be set free in the wild far away from your home.

Poisons and Rodenticides

The use of poisons as a control measure is more of a hit and miss affair because most rodents have an acute sense of smell. As such, they will avoid foods that the sense have a different smell, such as those laced with poison. On the other hand, use of the wrong poisons might just make the rodents sick instead of killing them. Rodenticides are the most effective measures to take when waging a chemical warfare with rodents. You can get these products in forms of oats, grains, and seeds that are an appealing dish for most rodents. Rodenticides are odorless thus the rodents will not detect any poisons. They nevertheless, need to be handled with caution because of their poisonous nature.


They say prevention is better than cure, and this applies in many areas. If you notice a rodent infestation in your home, you need to take measures to curb the infestation and still exercise adequate and appropriate preventive measures. Small rodents can be a tricky affair to deal with, especially when they can fit in tiny holes because of their small and agile bodies. Hence, sealing holes is one way of avoiding infestation. Ensuring all foods are covered and proper disposal of garbage will help to deter rodents. Trim bushes, grasses, and branches that can give rodents entry into your home or a place to habitat.

Calling in Pest Control Experts

When all else seems not to work, especially when dealing with large rodents or pesky small rodents, calling in pest control experts will get the job done. The experts are trained technicians who will assess the infestation and offer appropriate elimination options as well as prevention tips to avoid future rodent infestations.

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