Easy Guide to Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is not a new idea. In fact, in 1820 Michael Faraday found that compressing and liquefying ammonia would chill the ambient air. Founded on principles from that discovery, in 1842, a Florida doctor named John Gorrie created a mechanical ice machine that cooled the air for his patients. He died an impoverished man, never seeing his air conditioning system a success. Soon after in 1855, James Harrison (AUS) would get a patent for the first commercial ice machine. It wasn’t until almost 50 years later in 1902 before William Carrier created modern central air conditioning with an electromechanically refrigeration system.

But the real question is: what type of air conditioning unit do you need? Check out these examples of modern air conditioning units for yourself. Chances are, you’ll find and air conditioning unit that fits your needs-and your budget.

Portable Air Conditioners

These small portable air conditioning units sit inside the home and are primarily used to cool small rooms from under 100 square feet to over 500. Ranging anywhere from 5,000 Btu’s to over 20,000 Btu’s, portable air conditioners are perfect for cooling small rooms efficiently. The Edgestar AP14001 is the top of the line space cooler and heater all rolled into one. Get the most out of cooling and heating with one of these great models.

Blaux is an important brand when it comes to air conditioners and even today not a day goes by when you don’t have people researching about blaux portable ac reviews online to find a good sample to fight off the summer heat.

Window Units

There are a huge variety of styles, sizes and features that are offered with air conditioning window units. These easy to install air conditioners simply affix in any window opening, while the adjustable flanges help keep air loss to a minimum. Ranging in price from a few hundred dollars to nearly $800, you can be sure you’ll find the perfect window unit for your room size and wallets size. Check out these window air conditioners and find the perfect window unit for your home, condo or apartment.

Through the Wall Units

When window units just won’t cut it, through the wall air conditioners are exactly as they say-through the wall. Cut a small hole through the wall of any room, then set and seal the unit. Water drainage happens outdoors and the windows remain free. Increased energy efficiency over window units make these types of air conditioners best-but only if you can safely make a hole in your wall. Check out the LG Electronics 11,500 Btu’s through the wall unit. It comes with a remote and is affordable priced in the $500-600 range.

Central Air Conditioners

Used to cool an entire home or business using a series of ducts leading to the main cooling unit, a central air conditioner needs to be installed by a professional HVAC mechanic to ensure that the unit works correctly and performs efficiently. Central air conditioners come in various sizes, so be sure to get the right sized central air conditioner that matches your structures square footage correctly.

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