Clever Ways to Conceal An Air Conditioning Unit

Regardless of how nice one can make the home, yard, and gardens appear, it is all for naught if someone catches a glimpse of that unsightly ac unit. Despite their negative esthetic attributes, air conditioners are a necessary home appliance when it comes to the dog days of summer. The good news is that there are some simple and clever ways to conceal the air conditioner.


One of the quickest remedies to blocking the view of the air conditioner compressor is by planting shrubs about two feet away from the sides of the unit. Look for a hardy and dense shrub such as holly, boxwood, or any evergreen bush. These types of vegetation will grow just high enough to block the view of the unit and they will not lose their leaves in fall or winter. It is important to leave at least one side of the unit free of vegetation as well as allowing room between plantings for the shrubs to grow. Also consider planting these shrubs early spring to allow time for young shrubs to take to soil and surroundings long before the heat of summer. For best results and a heftier budget, consider transplanting taller more mature shrubs for instant concealment.

This is the best possible way to conceal the unit despite the budget being a bit higher than usual and shrubs are anyhow quite an excellent alternative for this job where the plants would cover the unit up like no other and you don’t have to rely on blaux portable ac reviews.


One other way to block the view of the unit is to build a lattice frame enclosure. Go with a two or three side lattice wall system interconnected by four by four weather treated posts. Allow the lattice frame to be offsetting each side of the condenser by a few feet. This will allow adequate air flow as well as room for the hvac maintenance person to service the unit whenever necessary. Follow up the carpentry project with some sanding and choose an exterior stain or paint that will complement the home or nearby landscaping.

Cheap Camouflage

One of the cheapest and easiest remedies to mask the view of the unit is simply painting the sides with a metallic paint that matches the home. Make sure to paint only the sides and no other areas. Be sure to wear gloves when completing this task as this paint can be very difficult to remove from hands even through meticulous washing.

Another inexpensive way to hide the air conditioner is through purchasing ornamental grasses, ferns or tall flowers. This type of vegetation may take a few years to really take to the new soil and grow, but they will eventually be tall enough to hide the unit. Just remember that these need to be planted a few feet away as to avoid getting killed by the return hot air expelled from the unit.

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