Bad Omen in Minecraft: Everything You Need to Know

Minecraft is arguably one of the interesting and yet challenging games online. This game has been popular because of its features and gameplay mode. Pillagers and raids are just some of the common features in the game.  When playing Minecraft, you have to be very careful as there will be dire consequences in the game. One of those is the bad omen status effect. What does bad omen do in Minecraft?  This status in the game only occurs at a certain area and time in the game. While bad omen can be a struggle, there is also a way for players to avoid this dangerous status. Hence, this article will go through some of the information that you need to know about bad omen effect.

Bad omen effect is not immediately evident when players acquire it. Unlike other statuses in the game such as Mining Fatigue that last for a certain mount of time, Bad Omens last indefinitely if they are not being carefully considered. This is the reason for the infinite property of the counter. Furthermore, there is no immediate adverse effects caused by bad omen. As a matter of fact, a player has a normal life until he or she enters a village. As a rule of thumb, players should avoid approaching villages while the band omen status is still in place especially if the players are not part of any raid. 

Another way where players can get bad omen status effect is when they killed a captain. Generally, captains are very easy to recognize because of their unique appearance. They usually carry a banner with the face of Illagers on it. This is unavoidable because encountering the Illagers is not enough. The captain of the outpost has to be killed.

Moreover, bad omen effect increases in level. This happens when a player encounters a patrol and kills a captain. As this happens, the level of Bad omen will increase. Simply explained, one captain represents one level of the status effect. But the good news is that these unique effects are not indefinite. There is a maximum level as it is capped at six. Hence, when the player defeats six captains by finding a patrol or outposts, the effect of Bad omen will remain the same even if the player defeats more and more captain.

The next thing player usually needs to know about bad omen is how each level of the status is determined. Basically, Bad omen status level is indicated by the level of difficulty of the raid. Thus, if the payer has killed 3 captains and the bad omen is level 3, the player has to battle 3 waves of pillager raiders. This also denotes that the more difficult the wave, the level of bad omen status will also increase. That said, it is advisable not to kill a lot of captain in between raids. This will lessen the effects of bad omen status in the game. 


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