Attracting Women Isnt That Difficult

There are few things a woman finds as attractive as a man who is confident and attentive. Confidence doesn’t mean arrogance. It means a man who understands who he is, what he has to offer, and doesn’t feel that he has to dominate every situation. With a few pointers, you should be able to approach any woman and get a bit of attention.

Take Care of Yourself

Women, especially young women, are biologically attracted to someone who is clean, well groomed, and looks relatively fit. It is an unfortunate twist of brain chemistry that tells women that a man that looks good is likely to be a good mate and provider. Not every man is going to have washboard abs and broad shoulders, but you can maximize your positive attributes.

Exercise regularly and eat well. Make sure you have a flattering haircut by asking the stylist to help you pick something appropriate. Wash daily, use deodorant, and avoid excessive use of cologne. If your beard grows rapidly, keep an extra razor in your car and shave before you go out for the evening.

Listen to Her for a Change

One of the biggest mistakes men do is to talk excessively about themselves when meeting a woman. I’ve been on dates where my sum total of the conversation involved saying “uh-huh” and “I see” when the fellow took a breath. There wasn’t time to say anything else.

It sounds lame, but plan ahead. Make a list of questions you can use to stimulate her to talk. Ask about her job, her family, and what she likes to do. Don’t just ask, by the way, actually listen and ask questions about what she says. Most people don’t really listen; they are too busy planning what they want to say in response. It’s obvious to the person across the table when you do that. Pay attention to what she is saying, and you will score big attraction points with her.

Don’t Pretend to be Someone You Aren’t

Even if you could successfully pull off some “attract women” scheme in the short run, over time, it just won’t work. No woman is interested in a “player” long term. There is no magic formula for attracting women, per se, but to attract the woman who is right for you, be yourself. I know it sounds cliché, but women really prefer a man to be authentic. That way, they know who they are dealing with from the start.

If you aren’t interested in sports – or are interested in knitting – don’t worry. There are women out there who like every kind of man, and by being yourself you will attract the kind of woman who best suits you.

Attraction is a Funny Thing

Even with all the new studies on brain chemistry and the state of attraction, scientists know very little about what attracts one person to another. I’ve known both men and women who are very attractive but can never seem to get beyond date one. Inevitably, it is because they are so busy trying to find “the perfect date” that they don’t give their attention to the person they are with.

Be attentive, be well groomed, and be honest, and believe me, you will be attractive to just the right person. Just hang in there. She’s out there waiting to meet a man like you.


There are no boundaries for making any relationship with anyone whether its dating, friendship, a relationship, marriage, or anything. People can be with anyone they want. There is no rule for Christian dating a Christian or a Hindu marrying a Hindu or in any religion or caste or creed or any other filter.

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