Astrology Software – Compatibility & Conflict for Business or Friends – Author Interview

Why did you decide to develop your report? Short answer: There was a need to address these types of relationships. Longer answer: After developing Compatibility & Conflict for Romantic relationships, I was on a roll! It seemed natural to continue delineation for other kinds of relationships. Certainly there was a gap in available reports for relationships of friendship and business associations.

In the software development circles, people had been requesting this type of report. The process of analyzing various planetary aspects for friendship or business was both intriguing and challenging, and I enjoyed the depth of analysis it required of me. With each delineation it was necessary to remind myself how a particular configuration would play out differently in a nonromantic relationship or even to what extend it would. The mysterious and endlessly unique synthesis of various components and the research involved in this synthesis is what attracts me most and keeps me fascinated in my astrological career or I should say, my lifetime in astrology.

 As you wrote each delineation, did you have a particular intent or goal? Longer answer: I wanted to get to the intention of the aspect. In other words, two people are drawn together (in any relationship), magnetized in that indescribable chemistry kind of way and I wanted to get at the core of what a particular planetary aspect between them was saying to both of them, or perhaps to only one of them! I called this the “Theme” of the aspect and then proceeded to describe energies that potentially ensue from these kinds of contacts.

In addition, I wanted to be sure to discuss both the upside and the downside of the shared energetic connection and potential results, if the core energy was maximized positively, or if it was misused. The interplay between two individual energy systems (as seen in the birth charts) and the chemistry that results between them has, for a long time, been a strong feature of my astrological body of work.

 How do you like to explain difficult aspects? Short answer: Life is not always a bowl of cherries. Bad things happen to good people. Longer answer: The fact is that what I prefer to call challenging aspects, definitely exist in the world of astrology, as in life. However, in essence, all aspects are neutral. How these aspects manifest has much to do with our level of conscious awareness of our own psychological development and maturity and … the particular lessons of personality that we are required to learn as individuals and in relationship to others.

If you check, you will also realize that this concept is true. Life is fair. But it doesn’t mean that life will always be good. There will always be a balance between good and bad things. As humans, we have to accept that fact.  It also has to do with the breadth of understanding we have about the concepts or meaning embedded in certain aspects.

The definition we hold as true for a set of circumstances (planetary configurations) will of course color our interaction with them. We are in control of how energies are used, or the attitudes we adopt. OK, that said, we learn that some things are insurmountable or simply incompatible with who we perceive ourselves to be. We spend our lives figuring out what those compatible components and incompatible components are.

Everyone has a different rate of time in figuring these things out for themselves. Challenging aspects compel us to draw the bottom line of what is acceptable/unacceptable, our integrity and where, how and if we are willing to compromise – and what we are willing to do to satisfy our various desires. Challenging aspects and difficult times are our greatest teachers unless we are resentful or take the role of victim. Our pain is mostly of our own doing. We do not need to stay in states of pain. We have choices always, and the choices we make determine our fate.

 What schools of astrology have made the most impact on you? Short Answer: It was passed down through my genes. Longer answer: My maternal Austrian grandmother was an aficionado of the planetary panoply. Although I never had the opportunity to speak with her about her interest, in 1971 I decided to find out what she found so intriguing. At the time I lived in the quaint, conservative and utterly picturesque town of Mont Vernon, NH. Books were unavailable at the bookstore. I started mail-ordering books and began my voracious and passionate self-study of astrology. My first book was An Introduction to Astrology by William Lilly followed by the slim, blue volumes of the Rosicrucian Fellowship. I went on to learn from Llewellyn George, Charles E. O.

Carter, Mark Edmund Jones, Jeff Mayo, Grant Lewi, Michael Meyer, Leonora Luxton, June Wakefield, Marcia Moore, John Soric, Steven Arroyo, Martin Schulman, Alexander Ruperti, Dane Rudhyar and many others and I learned to hand calculate charts from The Compleat Astrologer by Julia and Derek Parker. There was also a paperback called A Time for Astrology by Jeff Stern that was influential early on. I’d have to say that I lean toward humanistic and, as stated above, to a metaphysical understanding of life, having studied Tarot, Reincarnation, Hypnosis, Palmistry, color theory, auras and energetic theories, meditation, dreamwork and many general metaphysical principles of reality and years of study in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

 What did you learn about astrology by developing this report? Short answer: Each combination expresses its core theme with or without our consent. Longer answer: As ever during my long involvement and evolvement through astrology, I am astonished at both the simplicity of core astrological principles and the complex ways in which they combine and manifest themselves ‚Äì a kaleidoscope of fascination. If we can understand the best expression or purpose of a particular pattern we are experiencing with another person, we are then in tune with the message of the spheres and will have truly accomplished the magical.

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