Astrology, Health and the Planets

Potential health problems can be recognized through specific factors in a horoscope and preventative measures may help minimise and even avoid them.

In astrology the planets, signs and relationships of the planets in a birth chart can all give indication of possible mental, emotional or physical problems in later life.

The Sun Astrology and Health

The human body consists of numerous differing functions all of which work in unison to keep the body healthy. However, the main organ which keeps blood circulating through the body without which the body could not function is the heart.

The life-giving Sun, spreading warmth and energy corresponds, in astrology, to the heart pumping the blood of life through the body. Just as the amount of Sun focused on seeds can determine their amount of growth, the Sun is also related to the thymus gland in the human body. This gland is believed to play an important part in a child’s immunity system. The Sun is also associated with the spinal chord, the circulatory system and vitality. Along with the immune system, complete information should be there to meet with the health requirements. With kundli matching online for marriage, there can be taking of health advisories for correct circulatory system. The human body should include the signs included in the kundali. 

Some believe if a person is born when the Sun is rising, they will enjoy better health than when it is setting.

Illnesses associated with the Sun, depending on its placement in a chart are: heart disease, headaches, eye disorders, throat infections and colds. The Sun’s house position in a chart will reveal the individual’s resistance to disease. Positive aspects to the Sun will increase this resistance. Squares and oppositions will detract from it.

Traditional herbs associated with the Sun are: celandine, a cure for sore eyes; angelica, to help fight infectious diseases and camomile for easing aches and pains.

The Moon Astrology and Health

One of the Moon’s many associations in astrology is with rhythm. It is believed to influence the menstrual cycle in woman as well as fertility and in this respect is closely associated with the womb, ovaries and the breasts.

Just as the Moon has an effect on the tides and other fluids, in astrology it is associated with the bodily fluids in the digestive system. Also: nutrition, the stomach, the pancreas and the sympathetic nervous system which can influence emotional responses.

A strong Moon in a chart shows a happy emotional state. Oppositions and Squares to the Moon may suggest anaemia, intestinal problems or bronchitis.

Illnesses related to the Moon are: nervous disorders, anxiety, stomach aches, pleurisy, ulcers and kidney stones. Planets close to the Moon (in conjunction) may indicate habit patterns that are difficult to break.

Traditional herbs associated with the Moon are: coralwort, used for kidney stones and ulcers; lily, to cool the blood and moonwort to help settle the stomach.

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