Are SmokeTip E-Cigarettes The Best E-Cigarettes?

After reviewing the SmokeTip Tank recently, I felt it was only fair that I had my say about the SmokeTip classic two-piece design too. Branded as “the most advanced electronic cigarette”, I was interested to find out more. Find out what I thought in the SmokeTip review:

For a start, looking at the website it hardly appears that this is the most advance electronic cigarette… In fact, I’d say that this e-cigarette was a tad out of the loop with a website that looks as if it could have bounced right out of an early 90’s Marlboro Red advert. It’s just too… simple? Plain? Red and white?

I decided to put my first impression of the company and the website aside and carry on by ordering the only starter kit they had available for the classic two-piece design. As I’ve mentioned already, if it’s a personal vaporizer combined with the vape liquid you’re looking for, you’ll want to check out the SmokeTip Tank review instead.

For a start, it’s a little pricey. The Halo G6 is one of the highest-rated e-cigarettes I’ve tried so far and even that wasn’t this expensive. The starter kit with those was only $44.99 and it was all happily packaged together a lot better than this one is.

You get two batteries, five cartridges, a wall charger, and a USB Charger. Nothing more, nothing less.

The box is a bit flimsy. Again, when you compare it to the likes of Halo G6 Starter Kits and their fabulous hard cases that you can continue to use, it doesn’t really live up to par. This is something that probably was acceptable a few years ago but these days with new and improved PVs and e-cigs coming out from V2 Cigs, White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes, and Halo, they don’t really stand a chance.

Out of all the e-cigarettes I’ve come across so far, this has got to be the least impressive starter kit I’ve ever received. Way to go SmokeTip… Not.

Let Me Tell You About The Battery…

Right, for a start it’s only a 180mah battery with no extras to add on. There’s nothing in the way of a high capacity battery so if you’re looking for a kit to add to… this one isn’t it.

With white, black, chrome, and pink, they at least give you color options but you must be aware that the white battery will come with a glowing orange tip so people may think you’re smoking actual cigarettes in places that you shouldn’t.

The pink battery has a green end, and the chrome and silver ones come with a blue glowing tip and at just about two and a half inches long, it at least has discreet subtly on its side.

A 180mah battery would normally last for about 2-4 hours of ‘regular’ use (smoking it as you would a regular cigarette) but if you use it more regularly than that, it will be a bit shorter. The SmokeTip 180mah battery only actually gave me a couple of hours of use – two and a half hours at most.

Once again, a very disappointing mark against the SmokeTip name. Plus to add to this, one of the batteries failed to work after about three weeks of using it…

What About The Cartridges?

You get five flavor cartridges with your starter kit, and you can pick between over twenty flavor options, with four strengths from zero nicotine right up to 16mg which they consider being the fullest flavor.

Don’t be fooled by this 16mg “high” strength – this is normally somewhere around the medium strength mark for most e-cigarette brands. Again, SmokeTip has proved to be well under par in the e-cig world.

The cartridges can be purchased at $19.95 for a pack of ten which actually isn’t that bad. Again, you have the same strength and flavor options, and as with most brands, the more you buy, the cheaper they work out to be individual. If you buy five lots of the ten-packs, you’ll only be paying $15.95 per package, for example.

It doesn’t state on the website how long the cartridges should last but I will say this – they were well under par when compared to other brands. Halo G6, for example, lasted almost the entire day for me before it died out, and Eversmoke faired just as well. With the SmokeTip cartridges, the flavor was dying somewhere around the 2-3 hour mark and I was then smoking what tasted like thin air for about half an hour to an hour when the cartridge finally conked out after about 4 hours.

Are SmokeTip E-Cigarettes The Best E-Cigarettes?

In short… no. It was a very disappointing experience from start to finish, and with poor packaging, a poor quality performance that rattled at times, cartridges that didn’t live up to standards, and batteries that simply don’t last that long in terms of battery capacity and number of recharges, I wouldn’t really recommend them to anyone looking for a decent e-cig kit.

The prices were high, and even more so when you compared smoking this one to the other brands I’ve rated, and when all is said and done, I didn’t feel it was worth the money that I paid for it. I only used it for a couple of weeks before I gave up and went back to something I had better luck with.

Just one star out of five I’m afraid. Although they do the job you want them to do, poor vapor and throat hit combined with lackluster flavors and poor build have all clubbed together to bring a host of negatives against the brand. They seriously need to rethink their product if they want to keep up with the times, that for sure!

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