Academy of International Accouting: Concept

With the targeted matching and consequent, further development of our already successfully implemented qualifications International Accountant and Certificate in International Accounting CINA® we are setting more standards of advanced training in the scope of international accounting.

Development of current skills 

Studying is much easier if you are able to combine knowledge and experience already existing. Based on the participants’ basic accounting knowledge, they are able to learn the new standards. We try to avoid too much repetition of known facts. If you are not an English native speaker, then fluent business English skills are required in order to understand the content of the courses and to pass the final exams.

Theoretical background 

IFRS and US-GAAP are based on an extensive, ongoing, dynamic changing body of rules and regulations. Vague law terms and existing gaps of regulations make it difficult to directly apply several standards. In order to get to the right solutions in such cases it is important that users learn the conceptual, historical and cultural backgrounds of these regulations

Overview of all relevant regulations 

Unlike previous legislation IFRS and US-GAAP consist of many single standards which regulate the different practical difficulties. A multiplicity of institutions and parties are involved in the development of accounting. The main challenge when applying international standards is first to identify the relevant regulations and to recognize and point out the coherences and discrepancies. During our courses the participants will have the opportunity to practise such issues.

Standard requirements 

International standards of international accounting make exact demands on reporting procedure, valuation and disclosure. The detailed description of practice-relevant regulations occupies the main part of the courses. In the first instance, the participants learn the “technical tools” which are necessary for the professional and independent illustration of the different facts. The Academy faces the challenge of not leaving any open questions regarding the application of international accounting. If required we are willing to offer our support outside our courses.

Short cases and solutions

Many short cases serve to apply the acquired theoretical knowledge directly to practical examples. Most of these short cases are targeted to questions and leeway of design and thereby clarify frequently occurring application difficulties. The solutions will be worked out in an interaction between lecturers and participants. By the end of the courses, the participants will also receive detailed solutions.

Summarizing case studies

Regular summaries and repetition during the courses ensure that the overview regarding the acquired knowledge will not get lost. Such sessions to refresh the participant’s knowledge take place in the scope of more complex case studies. By including whole closings of financial statements a comparable situation will be created which occurs during the preparation of real closings.

Practical examples

Beside the standards, the practice is an important source of generally recognized accounting principles which have to be considered during the application. In order to create a feeling for the actual practice many examples from annual reports will be discussed as well. This kind of application and principles is being applied in accounting services firm. So if you want to get quality service yet affordable rate for your business, try outsourced accounting. This will help your business to be more cost effective.

Module-based course setup

Depending on the previous knowledge and the specific circumstances, each user has different requirements regarding the content and the degree of difficulty. Therefore, the Academy provides a multistage course programme which offers beginners and experts the appropriate solutions. Our qualified staff will advise you by choosing the right course or programme.

Helpful course materials

By now there is a choice of literature available regarding international accounting. Most of these reference books usually end just when it becomes interesting for the user. Our course materials are closing this gap and the participants receive the complete literature of our lecturers. Furthermore, there are additionally important references regarding advanced literature, an overview of the current standards and much other helpful information is included. Basically, the participants receive a practical-oriented reference book which can even be used after having passed the course. We offer an individual and flexible shipment of course materials or the opportunity to download the course materials on our website.

Significant participation certificate

It is important to have proof of acquired knowledge, and therefore all participants receive a significant certificate.

Accounting hotline

International standards are subject to permanent changes. Furthermore, questions might occur where professional support is needed. In such cases you can send an e-mail to the following e-mail address Our lecturers will get back to you as soon as possible either via e-mail or via phone.

Final exam

The participants of the course International Accountant can finish each volume with a final exam.

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