8 Sweet Ways To Show Him I Love You

Your man has been very loving and caring towards you and you want to give some of that love back. Maybe he’s tired and stressed out from work and you want to let him know that you’ve always got his back. Whatever your reasons, let him know how much you love him by following any of these 8 sweet tips:

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  1. Prepare his favorite dish.

A delicious, hot meal is a definite way to get a man’s attention. No matter how hard the day was, if he comes home to a tasty dinner especially prepared by your own loving hands, he will know how much you care. Know what he likes to eat, and learn how to prepare it. If you think that you do not know how to cook, then you can always keep practicing until you get it perfectly.

Another suggestion would be to surprise him with a tray of delicious pancakes, bacon, eggs and hot coffee when he wakes up in the morning. Top it off by delivering it to him with a kiss and in your sexiest nighties.

Here’s an external video link on how to prepare some romantic dishes.

  1. Give him a massage.

Everybody loves a massage, especially a man who just got home from work. Learn how to give a basic shoulder, arm or foot massage online, but make sure that the instructions are safe for everyone to follow. There are tons of free instructional videos and articles to help you learn how to properly give a massage.

All the equipment that you will ever need is a warm towel, some massage oil and rubbing alcohol. As soon as he gets home, let him sit comfortably in his favorite chair and showcase your best massaging skills. He will be forever grateful for it.

  1. Look stunning just for him.

Men are visual creatures and like it when they see something beautiful. It will be even better if that something that’s beautiful is in a relationship with them.

Exercise, learn how to dress stylishly, have your nails done, and put on light make up to show that you are making an effort to look pleasing for him. Whether they say it or not, men really like it when they have a stunning girl in their arms and he will know how much you love him because you are taking the time to look great and make him feel proud to show you off to the world.

For more info, read our article on “How to sport a new look“.

  1. Give him compliments.

Men, just like women, love to receive compliments. It helps boost their self-esteem and makes them feel like they can take on any challenge. You don’t have to go overboard with dishing out praises, or else it will seem phony.

Give him one simple compliment each day to put a spring on his step and let him know that you are on his side. Today, tell him you like how he styled his hair. Tomorrow, let him know that he looks good in that shirt. These little compliments will make him feel good about himself and appreciate your love even more.

  1. Show him that you appreciate him.

When your man makes an effort to please you, be careful not to just brush it aside. Make sure to tell him that you really appreciate his effort and that you love him very much. He will not only be encouraged to keep treating you nicely, but also be aware that you feel blessed to be with him just as much as he is with you.

For example, if he has been working a lot in order to make ends meet, then tell him that you are fortunate to have a hardworking man who is a good provider. Or if he went out of his way to buy your favorite cup of coffee, thank him and tell him that you are lucky to have such a loving man. It will make his ears glow.

  1. Grant him one (sexy) request.

All men have these sexy fantasies and some of them are too shy to share it with you. Try to figure out what he might like to see in bed and grant him that secret wish of his. It might be you in a sexy nurse outfit or dressed up as a naughty schoolgirl. Just experiment on it and he will thank his wishing stars.

  1. Learn to Compromise.

Many relationships fall apart because couples often fail to arrive at a compromise. You can also practice the art of compromising by letting him go out with his friends every once in a while, or letting him use the remote control, or even pick the pizza toppings this Friday night.

Nothing spells “I love you” more (apart from the words themselves) than saying “I’m sorry” not because someone’s right but because you just want everything to be okay again.

  1. Just say it.

Simply tell him “I love you.” Nothing could be sweeter than that. What will make it extra special is if the two of you don’t just throw these 3 little words around on a daily basis. Say “I love you” only when you truly mean it and if the moment is right and not just because you are about to end your phone conversation. If have already been too used to these words from the start, then change it up a little bit, such as saying, “You know what, I really love you” right when you truly mean it.

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