6 Things to Look for in Your Website Hosting Company

If you are ready to start your own website the most important question you will face is where to host it. As long as you have some ideas on the type of website you will be building then choosing hosting is fairly easy to do.

If your site is a personal site then basic hosting may be enough for you. You might even want to check out View My Life for a free life book that could serve as your website: http://www.ViewMyLife.com

If your website is going to be a part of your business then you can not afford to cut any corners. Having a presence on the internet is a big key to your present and future success. Hosting that perform is an option you can not afford to learn about later.

Here are a few things to consider when deciding where to host your website.

  • First of all let’s address price right up front. Many people would hide that later in the article, but the bottom line is your hosting company should be affordable and not cheap. You can get premium hosting on the internet for less than $25 a month. Beware of $4.95 a month hosting. It is cheap for a reason.It is a good thing that prices are mentioned beforehand so that there is no scope for any argument later on and $25 is pretty cheap compared to what you get at fastcomet best hosting codes..
  • Next is how easy are they to work with. By that I mean is it easy to build your pages and make changes to them when needed. Do they offer state of the art templates that are easy to upload. Do they offer site statistics that you can understand. All of this is important and a reflection how easy your hosting company is to work with.
  • What is the downtime of your site. You actually are looking for 100% up time with no downtime. Downtime cost you money when your visitors can not access your site. It is never realistic to expect 100% on anything to do with the internet, but look for hosting with a high 90% up time performance.
  • If you collect money you want your site to be secure and for you to feel secure about where you are hosting it. Without it you will lose business.
  • What is the technical support of the hosting company like. If you are paying a monthly fee to host and have a problem you need help with will you be able to get it. Technical support is like insurance. You don’t think about it until you really need it.

  • Don’t be shy about asking for references. This is important stuff we are talking about. Don’t rely on your hosting company to give you the whole story. A satisfied customer, or lot’s of them, means a lot when you are deciding where to host your website.
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